20+ Easy Diy Christmas Gifts To Sew {This Christmas!}

Diy Christmas gifts - Ready to make the best diy Christmas gifts you've ever seen? Than these 20+ easy sewing tutorials will be just right for you! Nearly all include PDF sewing patterns, with directions and all! Simple. Clear. Easy to follow. Perfect beginner sewing tutorials with easy patterns for making great diy Christmas gifts for friends and the entire family. Check them out!

Diy Christmas gifts

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First off, there's tons of Christmas sewing projects on this blog. Feel free to check them all out, including these ideas:

20+ Easy Diy Christmas Gifts To Sew  {This Christmas!}

Need inspiration and ideas to sew easy but cute Christmas presents for your loved ones? Let me help you with that! Now, off to these 20+ simple and quick to make sewing projects for Christmas. You'll love them!

1) Christmas Gift Bag Pattern

Why not make your own, beautiful DIY gift bags? It's easy and quick - and the boxed corners are made the EASY way! (The best sewing hack ever!)

This gift bag pattern comes in 6 variations, perfect to hold all your Christmas gifts. The PDF pattern has detailed step-by-step instructions with lots of photos, tips and a Sew-to-Sell license. More here:
Christmas sewing project.

2) The Cutest Alternative To Christmas Stockings- NEW

fabric basket pattern for kids room
Round Baskets in 3 Sizes - PATTERN Here.

Sew a perfect diy Christmas gift set - or Christmas stockings - with this 3-size Round Storage Basket Pattern. So sweet! They are super easy to make, gorgeous and so versatile - and you can reuse them all year long (I keep my crafts supplies in a few of them, including the blue one in the photo). And in addition to gifts for others, you can make one for every room in your home!

3) Felt Christmas Lights Ornaments

These are cute colorful ornaments you can give to a friend of yours to decorate their Christmas tree. Especially useful if there are small children in the house - these decorations are unbreakable, soft, and lightweight. Perfect to allow your toddler rearrange the Christmas tree, again and again (now you'll probably not even want to give them away as gift, right?) 

Get your free PDF tutorial and pattern that includes a beginner sewing tutorial with step-by-step photos here:
Diy Christmas gifts

4) Polka-Dot Zipper Pouch

This is a great perfect beginner sewing project. Easy and quick to sew, this will be a great holiday gift - just think of all the color combinations you can choose! It's just the right size for pencils, or sunglasses, or an emergency set of sewing supplies for when you travel somewhere.

​So where's ​your​ free PDF Z​​ipper Pouch Pattern? Here, click through to this post, it's totally free. And it is linked to a free beginner-friendly tutorial, with plenty of step-by-step photos, so it will be super easy for you to sew it:

free sewing pattern for zipper case

5) The Best DIY Earwarmer Headband

Get ready to make the perfect earwarmer for all kids you know! Easy and inexpensive scrap busting project for beginners, it makes a perfect homemade holiday gift you can sew in a really short time. And did I mention it's a beginner sewing project? Easy and fun!

You can get the free PDF sewing pattern that comes in 3 baby sizes (baby to 1 yr), with a free sewing tutorial when you sign up for AppleGreen Cottage newsletter - get it HERE

Diy Christmas gifts

Readers keep asking me where to get a larger size. Need a larger size? No problem. Get the complete, 8-size pattern in the Craftsy store. It's not free, but with the additional sizes up to adult (yes, 2 adult sizes for you and your spouse too!), you should be covered for life :)

Diy Christmas gifts

6) A Soft & Cuddly Baby Toy

This is an easy step-by-step sewing tutorial for an adorable handmade baby toy, a soft fabric ball. It has lots of photos  (and I mean a lot!) to make sewing super easy for you. 

At the time I'm writing this, I've just published this free PDF pattern - this one is my latest PDF, so get it while it's still free! It's listed among my other free sewing patterns:

free sewing pattern for Christmas

7) Cutest Mini Fabric Bin

Diy Christmas gifts

This is an easy beginner sewing project that uses only little material and doesn't take a lot of time to complete, something adjustable, simple and beautiful. I'm talking about the sewing pattern for a unique, adorably cute DIY mini fabric bin with a fold-over bunting top.
Diy Christmas gifts

8) Double-Sided Bunting Banner

This easy diy bunting banner tutorial includes a free PDF sewing template and a few tips and tricks to make it easier for you. A perfect beginner sewing project for sewing enthusiasts. Now, think of a cute Christmas themed fabric (loving this one by Peek-A-Boo!) and you've got a great Christmas banner you can use for years! (Ooops, we're talking about presents here - so you'd better make an additional one for you, too keep! ;)

9) DIY Bandana Bib for Toddlers

​A step-by-step bandana bib tutorial with a free pattern, quite simple and easy to make. It will be made in no time and save you some money along the way. Who knows, you might just create an all-time favorite bib for a toddler! 

free pattern

10) Stay-Put Baby Scarf

Learn how to make a baby scarf that will stay put. It's a beginner sewing project and easy tutorial for a diy fleece scarf that is breathable, lightweight, soft to the skin, and comfortable to wear. With a little something added that will prevent it from falling off. Check out the tutorial.

beginner sewing project

11) Colorful DIY Felt Coasters {Really Easy}

These easy felt coasters will be an eye-catcher at any party, and make a perfect homemade Christmas gift! A tutorial with step-by-step directions at THIS link. (So easy you don't even need a pattern for these!)

12) DIY Felt Fish Set for Kids

These felt fish for kids are made quickly and can be reused for a number of indoors activities to release some of the excess energy children have when confined indoors during bad weather. They are perfect for a bean bag tossing game and make an awesome Christmas gift for toddlers!

Click here to get to the fun and easy sewing how-to.

13) DIY Felt Pencil Case

This scrap busting project will use up any tiny felt scraps you've got left - and that with a radiatingly colorful effect! Here's an easy, quick and fun beginner sewing project. Check it out HERE

14) Pretty Quilted I-Pad Case

homemade gifts to sew
Quilted I-Pad Case - Free Pattern by Sew Can She

Know someone who has an I-Pad with them at all times? (I know I do.) This will be a perfect present for them! Caroline at Sew Can She made a free pattern to make a cute i-Pad case. You only need two half-yard pieces of fabric. Choose the prettiest two from your fabric stash and grab a free pattern here on Craftsy

On a side-note: Caroline has also made something that could be THE BEST Christmas present to give to YOURSELF this year! It's this: 

sewing projects

Colorful Patchwork Bags and Baskets, a popular Crafty online course.

She shares quick and easy techniques that can be used to stitch any size of bag or pouch you wish. The course is NOT free, so first just check out what it offers. Now, that's a whole lot of bags for Christmas presents to your friends and family. And yourself! Check it out at this link (LINK) if you wish. You'll be thrilled!

15) Button Snake For Toddlers

This colorful felt button snake is made in a moment, requiring really little sewing skills. If you know how to sew on a button, you're set! It's one of the all-time favorite toys among toddlers for learning buttoning and fine motor skills through play. Easy and fast to make - a perfect gift! A tutorial with step-by-step directions here.

16) Fox Coin Pouch

Grab your free Fox Coin Pouch Pattern here and start sewing! And when you make one, share the photo - both me and Chelsea at GYCT will be happy to see what you've made!

17) Felt Sliced Bread

How to sew cute felt slices of French loaf bread. Easy to make, really fast - and totally adorable! Combine it with some other felt vegetables and fruit and you've got a wonderful DIY present for a child

You also get tips on working with felt and on stuffing - and there's a free PDF felt bread template to make your sewing even quicker!

easy sewing project

18) Other Felt Play Food 

Have a look at 7 of my favorite free felt play food TUTORIALS for home-made felt fruit and vegetables. (And several tips on how to choose the right felt...) These beginner sewing projects make excellent diy Chrismtas gifts!

19) Cute Bucket Hat

​What if someone told you there's an easy step-by-step tutorial to make the cutest bucket hat for your kid? So cute you'll never want to get a different one! Get your free pattern and updated how-to here {It's appropriate for beginner sewists, too!}

20) Easy DIY Pajama Pants

Make pajama pants for your toddler. Pajamas are actually a great diy Christmas gift for everyone in the family! Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial for you with plenty of photos. These pajama pants can be made really quickly! Get your tutorial with step-by-step directions here. {Beginner sewist? Go for it, it's easy.}

21) The Quilted Tree Skirt

Diy Christmas gifts
Quilted Tree Skirt Course with Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield

A quick and easy stash-busting project that’s perfect for holiday gifting (and designed by one of my favorite sewing bloggers!!!) You'll also learn how to add buttons and tassels to really make the design your own. Check it out HERE.

22) Marble Maze Game

Diy Christmas gifts

A free PDF sewing pattern and tutorial and tutorial for a cute little fabric marble maze toy for kids. It's made from fabric and fleece scraps. A great DIY present for kids that's easy and quick to make. A perfect toy for kids in the car. Or a great toy to keep in your purse for when you go to the doctor, or another place where you'd like your child (or grandchild) sit still for some time. 
Get your free pattern now, from here:

Make a perfect DIY present for kids from these 10 free tutorials and patterns for fun kid toys to sew. Beginner sewing tutorials and free sewing patterns.

23) DIY Christmas Felt Star Ornaments

diy Christmas decor

Add a cozy look to your Christmas tree with a set of your own, DIY Christmas star ornaments. The felt star decorations are a free PDF pattern you'll be able to use for a number of projects, like a throw pillow, star softies for kids, home decor, or - like here, cute and soft little Christmas tree ornaments that will last and make your Christmas feel special. Use my free sewing pattern for felt stars and make the cutest ornaments for your Christmas tree! Check it out HERE:
free sewing pattern


These are a few ideas I've been meaning to use to make my handmade gifts this year. As you've noticed, none of them is time-consuming (no time or energy for week-long sewing projects!), they are suitable for beginners, too (no elaborate tailoring procedures), and they have links to tutorials (a little help is always welcome, right?)

If you want more Christmas sewing projects, check out these ideas:

These easy-to-sew patterns and tutorials make great little projects! I hope you have found your favorites for you to make this Christmas. Start now! If you hurry up, you could finish all your DIY Christmas presents before December 1st! Wouldn't that be great!


Aaand - I've got more for you. If you'd like to get more of my free PDF patterns and tutorials, read on:


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free pattern for a fabric hanging basket

Or ...go straight to one of my currently most popular PDF patterns - the Christmas gift bag pattern. It comes in 6 sizes and designs - for all your diy Christmas gifts! 

Happy sewing!


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