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  1. Cynthia D

    This is exactly the kind of potholder pattern I've been looking for and I especially like the corner tab. Thanks!

  2. Krystena

    What SA do you use to get that pretty topstitch border?

    • Damjana

      Krystena hi, a great question! I Stitched 3/8" from the edge for the first seam and just eyeballed the other seam. It's 1 1/4" away from the first line. Happy sewing,


      I used an old ironing board cover that was made of heat resistant silver material. It had some scorch marks so I bought a new one but there was plenty of useful areas to re-use! Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Debbi

    After binding a way-too-thick dish drying mat, I realized the technique you so brilliantly illustrate here is the way to go. My potholders have definitely seen better days, so I'll be replacing them with a couple (or more) using your technique. Thanks for the clear photos and instructions!

    • Damjana

      Debbi hi,

      I'm glad this potholder tutorial will be helpful. Enjoy!

  4. Evelyn Mitchell

    As a child making pot holders we used scrap cotton or wool material instead of batting to cushion hands from the heat of the pot. Also we did free firm machine stitching on the outside of the pot holder. A good technique to get the feel of the machine.

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