20+ Fun Back To School Sewing Projects

Here's 20+ fun back to school sewing projects, with beginner tutorials - and most of them with free patterns! If you'd like to make the first day of school feel really special for your child or grandchild, these easy sewing ideas might be just what you are looking for! 
back to school sewing projects

Getting ready for some back to school sewing? If you are, I've got you covered! These are quick and easy sewing projects for back to school, things you'll sew in one go, some in even less than half an hour.

I've teamed up with friends, fellow sewing bloggers and we have each designed a new free tutorial for a back to school sewing project. That is ten brand new sewing tutorials and free sewing patterns you can sew up now. How cool is that!

But I didn't stop there - here you'll also find more of my other back to school sewing projects for items school kids will love. Not just cute and useful, these are all beginner sewing projects that might be the thing you are looking for to make for your child when it's time to go back to school. Check them all out and choose your favorite!

20+ Back To School Sewing Projects

1) Super Easy Diy Pencil Case

back to school sewing project
Diy pencil case here at AppleGreen Cottage

2) Free Backpack Coin Pouch Pattern

back to school sewing projects
Backpack Coin Pouch - Free Pattern by Chelsea at Sew Simple Home

3) Diy Laptop Sleeve

back to school sewing projects
Diy Laptop Sleeve - Sewing Tutorial by Emily at Life Sew Savory

4) Diy Mouse Pad Tutorial

back to school sewing projects
Diy Mouse Pad Tutorial by Heather over at Heather Handmade

5) Ear Bud Pouch - Free Pattern

back to school sewing projects
Diy Ear Bud Pouch - free pattern by Anne at Orange Bettie

6) Sandwich Lunch Wraps Tutorial

back to school sewing
Diy Sandwich Lunch Wraps - tutorial by Havalah at Sisters, What!

7) Diy Tablet Tote Bag Tutorial

back to school sewing ideas
Diy Tablet Tote Bag tutorial by Vicky at  Vicky Myers Creations

8) Quick Snack Bag

back to school sewing ideas
Cotton Snack Bag tutorial by Stephanie at Swoodson Says

9) Diy Wet Bag Clutch

back to school sewing ideas
Diy Wet Bag Clutch by Gemia at Phat Quarters Sewing

10) Diy Book Weight And Fabric Bookmark

back to school sewing ideas
Diy Book Weight And Fabric Bookmark - tutorial by Vanessa at Mom Of 5 Trying To Survive

And there are so many more back to school sewing ideas here on my blog, so I collected them here in one place, to make it easier for you to just start sewing! Check them out here:

11) Zip Pocket Lunch Money Pouch 

This coin purse is just perfect as your kid's lunch money pouch. The combination of a zipper and a flap will make sure your coins never fall out! More about the project here.

12) The Best DIY Earwarmer Headband For This Fall 

Make the best earwarmer headband for your kid, one that actually stays in place, protects the child in wind, but does not make him too hot. It has ear flaps that will fully cover the ears. A perfect fall kids accessory you can make in a really short time. Did I mention it's a beginner sewing project? Easy and fun!

13) Felt Circle Fabric Bookmarks

back to school ideas

Grab the template with 4 FREE designs and check out the easy-sew trick that will make your bookmark corners beautiful. (You'll love this little hack!) Also, bookmarks are one of the best back to school ideas :)

14) Mini Coin Purse Pattern

Just the sweetest little DIY coin purse! It's flat, so you can easily slide it into a jacket pocket or carry anywhere attached on your key ring, or clipped on a school bag. A great DIY back-to-school gift! Get the PDF pattern here in my shop.

15) DIY Back-To-School Pencil Case

​What about adding a touch of sunshine to the new school year!​ This ​Color-Me-Bright back-to-school pencil case says it all!

16) DIY Memory Game

Matching scraps can be easily turned into a cute set of fabric cards for a memory game. A great DIY present for back to school for all ages! Check out the tutorial and grab the free PDF template to make your DIY super easy!

17) DIY Fabric Marble Maze Game

back to school free pattern

A free PDF sewing pattern and tutorial for a cute little fabric marble maze toy for kids, a great fidget toy that's easy and quick to make. Download your free pattern now!

18) A Frog Applique On A Backpack

A simple idea to save money and do something creative in a short time - personalize an ordinary backpack for your child.

19) DIY Back-To-School Bunting Banner

Make your own fabric bunting to hang as decoration to make the first day of school feel special. An easy, step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos and tips for all sewing enthusiasts, including a free PDF template!

20) Polka-Dot Zipper Pouch 

pencil pouch for back to school gift

What I love about zippered pouches is that they are so versatile. And you can never have enough of them, especially if you're a school kid who loves to draw! Sew a few (and make sure to keep one for yourself, too!) - get your free pattern HERE.

21) Felt-Fish Set (Bean-Bag Toss)

These DIY felt fish for kids are made quickly and can be reused for a number of indoor activities to release some of the excess energy children always have on stock. They are perfect for a bean bag tossing game and make an awesome back-to-school gift!

Save For Later:

back to school diy gifts

If you are a beginner in sewing and looking for projects to make the first day of school feel really special for your child, these project are just what you are looking for. I hope this helped - happy sewing!


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Or ...check out one more of my projects that could be great as a back-to-school gift to make for an older kid - the TEYA crossbody bag pattern in the shop:

Get the TEYA pattern HERE.


  1. Love all the great ideas. easy to understand. the bookmarks are great. we are having a craft fair at church soon and I intend to make some of these. Plus they just make a nice gift for some special people .

    1. Thank you, I love when crafty ideas are put to good use! Happy sewing,

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