10+ Sewing Hacks that Will Make your Life Easier!

Incredibly simple but so effective sewing hacks! They will help making your sewing projects easy and quick. Have a look at these 10+ tips and make your life and sewing easier with these amazingly simple and clever sewing hacks. Some of these might entirely change the way you approach sewing!

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So let's have a look at a few tips and hacks I wish I had learnt about ages ago. They are here to save a lot of your time and make sewing even more fun. Some of them are so amazingly simple you just can't believe you haven't thought of yourself!

1) How To Shorten Zippers - Nice&Easy

Shorten that zipper in no time - and make it pretty! Use this hack to make an actual coin purse:
Find Tria Coin Purse pattern HERE.
Find Tria Coin Purse pattern HERE.

2) A No-Knot Hack!

thread hack

No more annoying knots on your handstitching - Love love love this little trick!

3) One Totally Unprofessional Sewing Hack

This fabric patch WILL stay put, I can guarantee you.

4) Seam Bulk Reducing Hack

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How to lose your sewing weight (not what you think ;) - a clever hack by Bella Sunshine Designs

An easy cure for the ugly bulk when sewing several layers together. I'll be using it on all my bags from now on!!!

5) How To Clip Corners ...Effectively

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Finally - nice, sharp corners on all of your sewing projects! Use this hack when making coin purses like this one, or ipad crossbody bags like this one.

6) How To Take Out Straight Pins All At Once

clever sewing hacks you absolutely need to know! ​They will make your ​sewing and ​life easier​. Some of the​m are so amazingly simple you just ​won't believe you haven't thought of yourself!

A real time saver, this one :)

7) Totally Clever Bobbin Storage Tip!

sewing hacks

Put those rubber bands to good use!

8) Ironing Down Hemline - Quick&Easy!

Why haven't I seen this before?!

9) How To Do A Ladder Stitch

sewing tips

Only takes a few minutes to learn that. Once you do, you'll use this stitch on all your hand sewing projects - and you'll never look back!

10) Elastic Waistband Trick

For a really professional look of your sewing creations!

11) Keep Your Pins in Place

And you'll never need to search for those stray pins anymore.

12) How To Sew Ric-Rac

And the best part is - no pinning is needed! Can you believe it!?

13) A Batting Scraps Hack

Use this clever money saving hack when making these patterns:

ZIP Pocket Coin Purse Pattern TRIA Coin Purse Pattern The Ultimate Diaper Clutch Pattern

14) Super Easy Way to Trace A Sewing Pattern

I've been using this useful life hack all the time. One of my favorites!

Hope you have found a few ideas you can use to make your sewing easier and any sewing-associated chores piece of cake. (Sorry, I still have no tricks to avoid the seam ripper, yet! If you know any, I'd love to find out!)

Cheers to easy sewing!

clever sewing hacks you absolutely need to know! ​They will make your ​sewing and ​life easier​. Some of the​m are so amazingly simple you just ​won't believe you haven't thought of yourself!

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sewing pattern for coin purse with zipper
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  1. This is just fabulous!! Everyone who sews needs this list! Love it! And thanks for including my tip!

  2. Great actionable hacks. #2 is my favorite one.

    1. Kristina,

      oh, you picked a great one, I like it too. With me, it's #5 that's made a huge change in the look of my sewing projects. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Love it! rick rack lol, reminds me of being a kid . mom sewed a lot of our clothes.