Mini Christmas Stocking - Diy Christmas Garland

Use this free pattern for a mini Christmas stocking to make a cute diy Christmas garland. Perfect diy holiday decor, and you can use it with my other, full-sized free christmas stocking  pattern I posted a while ago!
mini Christmas stocking
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This mini Christmas stocking is great for decorating your holiday tree. You can either use them separately as tree ornaments, or make a diy Christmas garland out of them. Even better, make both and then add matching full-sized diy stockings to complete you holiday home decor and use year after year! You can use my free full-sized Christmas stocking pattern for that, it's being downloaded a lot these days!

diy Christmas garland

I love the holiday season! The best part of it? the easy crafty sewing projects that can be done by a sewing novice and are perfect for a sewing session with kids.

Despite the excitement, I just realized I've been using nothing but the red and the white thread for a whole month in my sewing machine. So, time for a little change, and an extra colorful project this time! Are you with me? Let's paint the holidays in all the colors!!!
polka dot fabric for diy christmas stocking

Welcome the rainbow holiday garland. Not just all the colors, it's polka dots! How crazy cute is that! I used the Swiss Dot collection, courtesy of @rileyblakedesigns, and had so much fun creating these little stockings!

Mini Christmas Stocking

First, check out this quick slideshow to get an overview of the project:


Next comes the supplies list and then a photo tutorial for the mini Christmas stocking and the garland, with step-by-step instructions. Happy sewing!

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mini Christmas stocking


free christmas stocking template
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How To Make Diy Christmas Garland - Steps

Step 1 - Print out the mini stocking ornament pattern

Print out page 15 in the PDF file of the Homemade Holidays Pattern Bundle.

free christmas stocking template

Step 2 - Cut the pieces

Decide on the size you want for your diy stocking ornament and use the template to cut the pieces. Cut the 2 CUFF pieces on fold. Also, make sure to cut the 2 main pieces mirrored. The easiest way to cut the pieces mirrored is to fold the fabric and cut the piece from 2 layers. 
cutting fabric for mini Christmas stocking

Once cut, this is what you should have: two identical cuffs and  two mirrored polka-dot mini stocking pieces:
cutting fabric for mini Christmas stocking

Step 3 - Attach the cuff to the main stocking piece

Create a crease in the center so it WON'T lay flat. This is how I do it:

With the cuff folded, align the raw edges with the top edge of the boot piece. Stitch, using a small seam allowance. I used a 1/4" (6 mm) seam allowance.

sewing mini Christmas stocking

Step 4 - Stitch the two stocking parts together

Unfold the sewn cuff and press the seam allowance towards the bottom of the stocking. Then place the pieces right sides together and stitch, using a 1/4" (6mm) seam allowance. Go slowly and move patiently through the curves.
mini Christmas stocking tutorial

Step 5 - Trim and notch the seam allowance

Notch and clip the curved portions of the seam allowance for easier turning.
mini Christmas stocking free

Step 6 - Turn right side out and fill

Using a point turner tool or a simple chopstick, gently turn right side out, then add some poly-fill. Don't stuff the stocking stiff, less is better. It's just meant to give the stocking a bit of a thickness. I even leave the cuff part empty for easier sewing.

Stitch the top close. you can do that on a machine (I used a shorter stitch length) or simply handstitch using a ladder or whip stitch (like I did in this cute mitten ornament tutorial.)

how to make mini Christmas stocking

Step 7 - Attach to a piece of pompom trim

Stitch a few more stockings in the same size, attach them to twine or ribbon, or pompom trim like I did. A wonderful diy Christmas garland!

diy Christmas garland

Once you've finished sewing, move on to the next little sewing project -  sew a few of these cute diy mitten ornaments. A perfect combination and you can even do them in matching colors to create a baby's first holiday ornament set!

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Make sure to save the project so you can use all the free templates from the series when you need them:
diy Christmas garland

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buy wallet sewing pattern
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  1. so cute and tiny!! What fun fabric colors too!!

  2. I love how quick this project looks. Super fun

  3. A Christmas stocking garland is such a cute idea! I love it, and all the bright colors!

  4. Oh my goodness, those colorful polka dots are just perfect for these sweet little stockings, and such a good idea to string them up with pom pom trim! I would love to hang a garland of these up in my home! :) Lisa