Gift Wrapping Tips that Save Your Time

Are you always late for birthday parties? Leaving your home at the last possible moment just because you were actually ready to go, except for - realizing you still hadn't WRAPPED your gift? So you're just like me. Let me show you what tricks I use to make LAST MINUTE gift wrapping quick and easy. 

Gift Wrapping Tips that Save Your Time

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Christmas doesn't have to cost you a fortune - Here are a few time-saving and frugal tips for Christmas gift decorations. 

1) Use decoration instead of wrapping paper

Avoid the hassle of carefully and slowly encasing a present into wrapping paper: I often cheat by just using decoration instead, like here:

Gift Wrapping Tips that Save Your Time

I used decorative rope - it often depends on the style, but in fact any will do. While you're at it, grab another decorative item, add it while tying the rope and you're good to go.

You can even make decorations for your gifts in advance by yourself, like these DIY pompoms I made from tissue paper a while ago:

Gift Wrapping Tips that Save Your Time

That is why I once made quite a lot of tiny tisue paper pom poms, I kept them in a box (what a storage-box addict!)

2) Put the present in a gift bag

Ok, this one looks like a no-brainer, but you'll need to think in advance: you should make sure you've got a stack of gift bags ready... You might want to buy them or make them yourself. Did you know you can make a paper gift bag yourself? (I'll show you how, some day. Promise.) It's easy, I often do. Just not this time - the one in the photo was purchased:

Gift Wrapping Tips that Save Your Time

3) Drawstring bags are great!

You can make your own drawstring bags to put presents in. You know, just open it, tuck the present in, pull the string, DONE. I love drawstring bags. They take no time to giftwrap!

I made them some time ago, and showed it here, too. I still remember, I made them in no time. Fast, easy and no tiresome measuring needed. They are perfect for me:

But remember: it's best you get or make many of them at once and store these bags for future use. I keep them in a box, nicely stacked together, the largest at the bottom and the tiniest at the top of the box. Yes, I made them in various sizes, not bothering about the exact measures. Also presents are never of the same size, are they?

4) Use gift TAGS

I only put tags on my Christmas and New Year's gifts, for practical reasons, since I don't want to accidentally mix up the gifts when there are many.

So, if you are crazy about gift tags, make some in advance, or - to make it even faster, have them printed out. You can get several cute and free printable gift tags here if you want them:

I made these gift tags specifically for New Year and Christmas. Feel free to use as many as you need, they are for you!

5)  Closing the gift bag: make it simple

Clothespins, washi tape or ribbon will secure the bags shut in no time. I use ribbon. All. The.Time. It's quick and easy, even in variants like here:


Stock up on gift wrap materials after the holidays, when prices are down. You'll save money.

I hope you'll be able to use some of the ideas to save time AND make gift wrapping fun and easy. And happy gift-giving, off course!

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  1. Some great ideas, Damjana. I use drawstring bags all the time, but only if time permits. Paper gift bags are another way I wrap gifts, usually closing with offcuts of fabric. I'm going to have to have a go at making my own.

    1. Pam,
      thanks! Oh and when you do start making your own paper bags, you might fall in love with them. So easy and cute if you've got the right paper ;) Have a great day!


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