Easy DIY Kids Knight Costume {No-Sew Tutorial}

Want to make a super easy knight costume for your kid in a really short time? No sewing involved? Easy and inexpensive? There, an amazingly cute knight's costume tutorial that your kids will absolutely love! 


This time, I'm showing you how to make a no-sew knight's tunic really quickly. You can be sure the homemade tunic will become your kid's favorite piece of garment for pretend play!

Easy Halloween costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

I'm splitting the free how-tos into chunks, so it will be easier for you to find exactly what you need. Please also note that this post includes affiliate links for your convenience. Thanks for your support!

  • DIY knight tunic tutorial
  • the knight emblem tutorial (and the free template for you)
  • accessories. 

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You'll need:

    • a piece of grey(ish) felt  
    • small pieces of felt for the knight emblem (your choice of colors!)
    • scissors
    • glue 

      Easy Halloween costume for kids - a homemade knight costume



        1) Cut a piece of felt that is approximately 1 by 3 in measure.
        • Width: the knight tunic I made for our kid is 12 inch wide (measure your kid: the tunic piece should extend from shoulder to shoulder, maybe a bit less)
        • Length: approximately 3 times  the width (the tunic can also be made longer if you like)

        Easy Halloween diy costume for kids - kids knight tunic

        2) Place the knight tunic piece on an even surface, fold it lengthwise and crosswise and make a mark at 3-inch from the center. (Because folded, you need to cut at the 3-inch mark! When you unfold it, you'll have a 6-inch circular opening for the knight's head.)

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

        Now you've made an approximately 6-inch wide hole for the knight's head in the center of your tunic piece. And don't worry if the opening is not evenly cut, kids won't bother.  ;)

        {And about the circle that's left from cutting the hole: don't throw it away yet, you'll see why!}

        no-sew kids knight tunic tutorial for Halloween

        3) To make the knight's costume even easier to put on, you can cut a slit down the neck (several inches should do), but only if your felt is not very soft. To do this, you'll need felt that is sturdy enough not to tear, but not too thick as it needs to be wearable. If you need more guidance on that - check out my post on how to choose the right felt for your creations. However, no matter where you get your felt, it's good to check thickness, material and stiffness before buying it!

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

        As I promised: no-sew, no emptying your wallet, no complicated patterns. And as easy as it can get!

        Wondering where you can get the incredibly cute sewing tape measure from the above photo? I got it from a dear friend of mine {thank you N, it's sooo cute and handy!} Unfortunately, I can't find the same model on Amazon, but I've searched through and found several pretty cute ones (makes a perfect little gift to a sewing enthusiast, doesn't it? Say, for Christmas shopping ;)

        2) KNIGHT EMBLEM.

        It's not really necessary, but chances are you'll want to embellish your DIY knight tunic by a knight's emblem. I'm here to help you out :)

        You'll need:

        • a small piece of felt or other glue-able material in a contrasting color (think red or black or .. anything actually) 
        • a template for the knight's emblem (see below for a free template)
        • glue

         I used a simple fleur-de-lis stencil and used it as an embellishment. A similar one was already on the kid's knight helmet we had bought some time ago, so it seemed the thing to go with.

        If you choose to do so, use one of the simpler versions of the flower emblem. Off course, there are tons of really beautiful, elaborate royal versions on Pinterest, but do yourself a favour: make it simple. It'll save you time and nerves ;) I drafted one by hand, but you don't need to lose time and nerves. You can use a free template I made for you, it's easier :)


        You can simply print out this free PDF template I made for you. Actually, you get two variants, so you can choose :)

        {You're safe: it's totally free, no subscription, nothing hidden. 
        Just to save you some time.}


        1) Use the template/stencil to outline the knight emblem on a piece of felt in a contrasting color.

        free template for a kids knight costume

        2) Then cut it out.

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

        3) Glue the 'fleur-de-lys' to the chest area of the knight's tunic.

        To make it prettier, you can add an extra layer of felt in a contrasting color. Or two. I added a white layer to serve as background and the grey circle (the leftover from cutting the opening in the knight tunic). Makes your emblem look like a real one, doesn't it?

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

        Done :)

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

        3) Accessories

        You can simply go through your child's wardrobe and toys to get the remaining accessories that will make your homemade knight costume just perfect to wear at any time:
        • a belt  to go with the knight's tunic (As an alternative, you can sew together two equal stripes of felt using a zigzag stitch. I did this, it will only take you a minute. Easy peasy.)
        • a helmet (this kid's knight helmet could be a good fit if you need one)
        • sword (I made a soft sword using fabric scraps. Promise to make a nicer one someday - and a tutorial for you, off course :)

        Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

          As for the rest of the kid's costume - the simpler the better, right? Search through your child's closet: they'll be best off with a shirt and pants in grey or (even better!) black. But if you really want to make special pants for your kid's knight outfit, you'll be best off with a simple pattern. If you want to, check out this free (pajama) pants tutorial I made for my readers a while ago!

          Easy Halloween DIY costume for kids - a homemade knight costume

          I hope you've enjoyed the DIY kids knight costume tutorial and more importantly - that your kids are happily jumping around in their brand new outfits!

          There are two more similar tutorials that you can use to make grreat Halloween costumes - in the last minute. Use them!


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          Or feel free to check out some of my PDF patterns on Craftsy. You can use the earflap beanie pattern as a helmet - feel free to check it out here:

          sewing pattern for an earflap beanie hat for kids

          Our son's (third) DIY knight outfit. Helmet is based on this pattern.

          Happy crafting!


          1. That knight costume is so adorable! And I really love the new blog design. Cute! :)

            1. Thank you, Sandra.
              It makes me proud to hear that from a designer like you ;)

          2. No sewing involved - great for me :)

          3. What a cute outfit! It looks so simple to make too.

            1. And it IS simple! It's intended for that last minute craziness when you are still brainstorming for Halloween ideas when should already be putting your costume on... Hope it helps!


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