Christmas Stocking Pattern - Free Pattern

Christmas Stocking pattern - Use this free stocking pattern to make the best diy Christmas stockings for the entire family. Also, they are reversible, so you'll be able to match them to your Christmas decor for years to come! No-fold cuff, making sure you use the least fabric you need for a polished look. No gaping, and a well-designed pattern for an easy sewing process. Check it out!
Christmas Stocking pattern

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Christmas Stocking pattern


I made this tutorial a bit different from the usual stocking tutorials, to make it even easier, and it's also a bit because I'm always looking for the most efficient way to use less fabric - with the same, or even better visual effect. Check out how the no-fold cuff is constructed - easier and faster to sew, using up less fabric than other same-sized stockings with cuffs folded back.
Christmas Stocking pattern

You only need two fat quarters of fabric, and scrap pieces for the cuff. If you use fat quarters with pretty Christmas prints, your diy Christmas stocking will be reversible

I used these colorful Christmas prints from the Merry And Bright collection designed by @echoparkpaper for Riley Blake Designs:
Christmas Stocking pattern
I loved the classic colors and those cute vintage Christmas illustrations - oh, and the gift boxes and the green ornaments were my favorites! Also, mixing large and small prints made it easy for me to include them into all kinds of Christmas sewing projects.

You can get the Merry And Bright collection here. Perfect for so many other Christmas sewing projects I've got planned (and two of them already finished in July!)

Check out what else I've made with these prints - origami ornaments and this free gift card holder pattern.

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Finished Size of these diy Christmas stockings

Height 13" (33 cm), width of the top opening 6" (15 cm)

How much fabric do I need to make a Christmas stocking?

Usually, half a yard (half a meter) will be more than enough to make one Christmas stocking in average size, but it's even more fun if you use scraps.

Diy Chrismas stocking supplies:

Christmas Stocking pattern

  • two fat quarters of quilting fabric (I used prints from the Merry And Bright collection)
  • a fat eighth of accent or solid fabric
  • two scrap pieces of fusible fleece for the cuff 
  • optional: use fusible fleece for the entire outer stocking if you want a stable stocking that will stand up on its own or propped against the wall.
  • sewing machine or needle, pins or sewing clips, 
  • iron, scissors, or rotary cutter plus cutting mat (I use this one by Olfa)
  • the free template that's available to all my newsletter subscribers with an exclusive password you get once you've confirmed your subscription (new subscribers: join here, existing subscribers: enter Freebie Library here with your password)
diy christmas stocking pattern for free
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Christmas Stocking Pattern - Tutorial

Now, first for those who love watching videos, I've made a little slideshow-style video to outline the sewing process - sit back, watch and relax:

Now on to the written step-by-step directions:

How To Cut the Fabric

Christmas Stocking pattern

1) After you've printed the free PDF template (see below) to a piece of cardboard or paper, cut the cuffs from pattern piece No2 - cut on fold, as indicated on the pattern piece. Then cut out two smaller pieces from fusible fleece to reinforce the stocking, so it will retain the form when hanging from your mantelpiece. 
Christmas Stocking pattern
2) Fuse the fleece to the back of the cuff fabric.

diy Christmas stocking
3) Cut the small hanging strap from pattern piece No 3.

diy Christmas stocking
4) Cut the main stocking pieces (pattern piece No 1). 

NOTE: First fold the fabric wrong sides together and place pattern piece No1 on it. Cut 2 pieces, they will be mirrored. This is important. Repeat to cut main stocking pieces from lining - these two pieces should be mirror images of each other, too.

The fusible fleece layer is optional. These are the pieces you have now:
diy Christmas stocking

5) Arrange the pieces like this, to make the assembly super easy:
pattern for Christmas stocking

How To Stitch The Pieces Together

pattern for Christmas stocking
6) Place one of the main outer piece on a flat surface and place the cuff on it, so the right sides will be together and the interfaced cuff edge is aligned with the top edge of the main outer piece. Stitch using a 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance.

pattern for Christmas stocking
5) Place the remaining edge of the cuff right side up and place the upper edge of the main lining piece right side-down. Stitch, using the 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance, again leaving a gap for turning.

6) Repeat with the other set of pieces, so this is what you have now:
pattern for Christmas stocking

pattern for Christmas stocking
7) Place the pieces right-sides-together and sew around,  using a 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance. Make sure to leave an opening for turning on the back seam of the lining piece.

pattern for Christmas stocking
8) Clip the concave curves and notch the 'hills', taking care not to snip into stitches.

Christmas stocking pattern
9) Turn right side out, press and tuck the lining in.

Attach The Hanging Tab

The only piece left is the 7" by 2" tab - once finished, it will turn into a 3" long loop. Feel free to adjust to the size you need.

10) Fold along the long edges, first along the center, then unfold and press the sides towards the center. Refold along the original center and press. I finished the ends and topstitched on both long edges, and got this:
Christmas stocking pattern

12) Pin the two ends on the inner side of the cuff, very close to the back center seam, like this:
diy Christmas stocking

13) Stitch, back- and forth a few times to secure the seam. Finished.

Christmas stocking sewing

It's easy and quick!
Christmas stocking pattern

I hope this makes it super easy for you to sew your own set of beautiful Christmas stockings for the entire family, to last for years to come! Since they are reversible, you'll be able to mix and match, and to change the look of your Christmas decor just by flipping the lining right side out. Enjoy! Also, check out my 6-sized Christmas gift bag pattern here in my shop. For all your handmade presents!

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Christmas stocking pattern

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  1. I love this! I made one in about 2 hours, from cutting it to the final ironing. I still have to get a bit better with sewing curves, but I have so many of these planned, I'll be a pro by the time I'm done. I'll also get faster since I won't be triple-checking the instructions.
    I added a ribbon hanger by putting a piece of ribbon in between the two cuff right sides before sewing and that works great.
    Thanks for another fantastic pattern.

    1. Hi,
      thank you! Adding ribbon is a wonderful idea. Happy holidays,