Pencil Holder Diy - Free Pattern

Make a cute pencil holder using this free sewing pattern in 3 sizes and the easy sewing tutorial. It has so many uses! It's very practical to keep your stationery – or sewing tools and supplies close at hand. Get it now!
Pencil Holder Diy - Free Pattern

The best part - the pattern is available for free to all my newsletter subscribers! You get the 100% discount code in the FREEBIE Library when you sign up. Read on to find out more and use the free tutorial below, too.

Often, I'd work at my computer for hours, and only later take some time off and sew something. Those are usually quick and easy-sew projects I never plan to go for, and I love these moments. I feel like I'm getting myself a treat, just letting my imagination guide my fabric selection, the stitches, the sizing of projects, and the color combinations.

Last time, I noticed my work desk was so messy! Well, it usually is, but on that day I had tons of pencils out, as I was planning my sewing projects and tutorials. And my planning never happens on a computer, but rather on scrap pieces of paper and with coloring pencils scattered all around. (I sometimes even borrow my kids' color paper, and their crayons, hihi!)
Pencil holder diy and free pattern

Well, long story short, I couldn't help noticing I had no place to quickly throw pencils in and yet keep them accessible for my ongoing project work. I've got tons of pencil cases, and I love them. But they need to be opened and closed, and put away, but I was not looking for those. So this happened:

my next sewing session involved a few rectangles and scrap fabric. Patchwork. Since I had not planned to take pictures of these, you'll notice the lines are not all straight. I was having so much fun! (And no measuring!)
Pencil holder diy and free pattern

But then I thought that this was a project many of my readers would simply LOVE! Grabbing my camera and off it went: here's another tutorial for you to use, and make tons of easy pencil holders for you. Or for your kids, or as an easy back-to-school gift. Make a lot of them and you've got a colorful diy drawer organizing system!

First, for those of you who like video, I've made a slide-show to get the feeling of how easy it is to sew one:
Scroll down to the diy pencil holder tutorial below. But first, make sure to grab the FREE code for the 3-sized PDF pattern:

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Pencil holder free pattern
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Pencil Holder Pattern - Features

  • the pencil holder pattern is an easy, single-space beginner pattern
  • a simple design that’s easy and quick to sew
  • 3 sizes - LARGE and MEDIUM size for pencils, and SMALL trinket holder size
  • Full-size pattern pieces
  • free for all my newsletter subscribers (sign up here and get a 100% discount code in the Freebie Library! 

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Finished Size:

LARGE: 8 1/4" length, 5" width, 1 1/2" height (21cm x 13cm x 4cm)
MEDIUM: 6 1/4" length, 4" width, 1 1/2" height (16cm x 10cm x 4cm)
SMALL: 4" length, 3 3/4" width, 1 1/2" height (10 cm x 9.5cm x 4cm)


  • two fabric pieces in your favorite prints: in total, you'll need less than a fat quarter for the largest size
  • fusible fleece: 8" x 11 1/2" (21cm x 29cm) or less for smaller sizes
  • sewing machine or needle, pins or Wonder clips
  • iron, scissors, or rotary cutter plus cutting mat (I use this one by Olfa)

    Pencil Holder Pattern - Tutorial:

    1) Print the free PDF template to a piece of cardboard or paper. Decide on the size - small, medium, or large. Then use the template to cut these pieces of fabric:

    • 1 piece from outer fabric (light, cream here)
    • 1 piece from lining fabric - this is the one that will be visible, actually!
    • 1 piece from fusible fleece - cut it on the seam allowance to reduce bulk when sewing.
    Pencil holder free pattern
    I used two of my random patchwork pieces I occasionally make when I'm in the mood for sewing but have no particular project in mind (utilizing scrap pieces is so easy this way!)

    2) Next step: attach fusible fleece to the LINING piece. (Actually, the one that will be in contact with the pencils when finalized :)

    Use this quick how-to if you're not used to working with fusible:
    how to add fusible interfacing

    Pencil holder diy
    3) Moving on, place the two pieces right sides together.

    Pencil holder diy
    4) Stich around as indicated in the image above. Meaning you'll leave out the corners AND a few inches on one of the longer sides, for turning (here on the left, see?)

    Pencil holder diy
    5) Then,  you'll need to box all four corners that are still open.
    Fold the corner flat matching up the two side seams. The side seams should lie directly one over the other.

    Then stitch over the (blue) line. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam to reinforce it.

    how to sew a pencil holder

    6) Repeat on all four corners.

    how to sew a pencil holder
    7) This is the opening left for turning. Yours won't look this messy if you use a single fabric piece instead of patchwork :) 

    how to sew a pencil holder
    8) Turn right side out.

    fabric tray free pattern
    9) Push the 'outer' layer down to touch lining (wst), so you get a tray form. Press, especially at the opening - turn under the seam allowance, and pin or use sewing clips to keep in place.

    Then topstitch around the top edge.

    fabric tray free pattern
    When topstitching, you'll end up with a few thread ends that are best hidden if buried. See how to bury thread ends and make your topstitching look neat and polished:

    How To Finish Seam The Neat Way

    Pencil holder finished!
    free sewing pattern for a pencil holder

    free sewing pattern for a pencil holder

    You can use the pencil holder for anything you like. It makes a great tray for tools you need close by during a project. 

    free sewing pattern for a pencil holder

    Save this project for later so you remember where to get the free pattern:
    free sewing pattern for a pencil holder



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    1. Pretty and practical, Damjana. I'd be lost if I didn't have a tray on my desk.

    2. Can't wait to make a few. By my laptop, sewing machines, bedside etc. THANKS!

      1. Judy,

        I'm so happy my free pattern helps! Happy sewing,

    3. Great project Damjana! The color combinations are beautiful. Looks way more attractive than a standard pencil cup!