Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag

Halloween trick-or-treat bag. - Want to get ready for Halloween? Get inspired to make a few diy trick-or-treat bags, ones your kids will be able to use year after year. Scroll down to see how to combine prints to make these reusable Halloween totes (from my most popular bag pattern) and how to cut the fabric pieces to make one just like these. They are perfect as Halloween decor.
Halloween trick-or-treat bag
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This year, our kids will be allowed to go trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood, for the first time both of them. I figured it's best I make them cute small trick-or-treat totes in kid sizes for this occasion - always love an excuse to sew cute little totes and pouches!

And when you're making Halloween totes, spider webs are perfect! This is one of the reasons why I was so happy to use the Haunted House fabric collection by Carta Bella  - it includes fun Halloween spider web prints in not one but THREE colorways: orange, purple and black. A perfect match for my Halloween sewing plans!

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I used this pattern: Gift Bag (in my shop). You can use any bag pattern (or draft your own!), and modify it as shown here- scroll down for measurements - And I added one FREE Size!

Halloween trick-or-treat bag, easy sewing project

To make the bags, I used my own gift bag pattern. I love using this pattern because I do not need to box the corners separately. Just folding the fabric the right way will give me that boxed corner look, and it works like charm!

Also, it's a fairly quick project - good if you only have an hour or so to spare.

Since the pattern in the shop is payable, I figured I could give you a 7th size for free, here on the blog - with the cutting instructions to make a Halloween tote bag just like the one in the pictures. So here we go!

Halloween trick-or-treat bag

I made two bags, choosing a combination of Web Orange with Black Stripe print on one bag and the black web print with orange stripes on the other, with just a little solid black added to make the prints really pop. I think they've turned out beautifully.
diy trick or treat bag

This is what the side of your tote will look like once you are finished if you follow the folding instructions from the pattern. Alternatively, you can make yours in the 'traditional' way, boxing the corners as you sew.

Even with the 6 sizes available in the bag pattern, I am adding a seventh one here for free - just to give you even more choice for your Halloween sewing projects!

The finalized tote bag size here in this post  is 8" x 8" x 3" (width, height, depth) If you want to make an identical one, here are the dimensions, cutting and piecing information you need to make your own:

Fabric selection: To make one of these totes, you'll need approximately half yard of fabric per bag.

For bag exterior:
  • 11 3/4" by 6 5/8" in Web orange (2 pieces)
  • 11 3/4" by 7 1/2" in Stripe Black (1 piece)
  • 11 3/4" by 1" in solid black (2 pieces)
For lining:
  • 19 3/4" by 11 3/4" in Stripe Black
For handles:
  • 8" by 4" (2 pieces) in web orange

I added fusible fleece to the exterior piece (11" by 19") and the handles (8" by 2"). As you will have noticed, the fusible fleece pieces are just a bit smaller than the exterior to prevent bulk when sewing.

Cutting and piecing

1) For a bag identical to the ones pictured, you'll need to piece the prints together first. These are the cutting instructions, to make it easier for you:

diy trick or treat bag pattern

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, I sewed the pieces together as pictured. Web Orange on each side, Stripe Black in the center, with the two narrow black stripes connecting the pieces.
When you finish, you should have a rectangle measuring 19 3/4" by 11 3/4". Just what you need to make a trick-or-treat bag exactly like mine!

halloween bag sewing

I used the spider web print to make the handles. However, feel free to use cotton webbing to complete your project even faster.

diy trick or treat bag pattern
An absolutely lovely project, easy and quick. It looks like I'll be making more of these trick-or-treat bags soon.

And those who know me, it's happened again: I got carried away by the feel of the fabric and made a few other things out of the Halloween prints. So much fun! Stay tuned so you don't miss out on new Halloween sewing projects!

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  1. Love the colour combo, Damjana. Makes me wish we did Halloween.

  2. Thank you, I like the cloth handles.

  3. Thanks for the easy to make pattern. I made 3 bags and they went together quickly and are so cute. The Grandkids will feel special out Trick or Treating.

  4. This gives me some ideas and I also like the selection of fabric colors and patterns Thank you.

  5. Thank you for the pattern Damjana! The bags are adorable and just the right size to hold lots of candy.