25+ Christmas Stocking Patterns - To Sew Now!

Get in the holiday spirit with these Christmas stocking patterns. I've carefully selected 27 from the popular diy Christmas stockings to make your holiday decorating fun and easy - take a look!
Christmas stocking patterns

This year, I finally did it: I started my holiday crafting early enough to post a lot of holiday sewing tutorials, yey! So that you can start your Christmas sewing early enough, too! In addition to a whole Homemade Holiday Free Pattern bundle (here), I also designed my first, full-sized Christmas stocking pattern.

But I think it's always best to have a lot of options to choose from. So I'm posting a whole collection of free stocking patterns, so you can choose your favorite! Check out what amazing and creative ideas my friends and fellow bloggers have come up with this year. 

And then, even more: further down on the list, I listed many other stocking patterns I love and admire - spoiler alert: have you ever bumped into one with a mermaid tail version? Or if you're like me, you'll probably give those adorable elf stockings a try, too! Or check out a few monogrammed versions of diy stockings. Scroll down to see them all!

Christmas Stocking Patterns

Here's my list of the best free Christmas stocking patterns I have found around the net. I'll start with mine and add a lot of other cute, smart and creative stockings to sew. Enjoy!
  1. My Reversible Christmas Stocking Pattern

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Get this Stocking Pattern HERE.
    These Christmas stockings are what I came up with after years of sewing. I designed them to use the least possible yardage while retaining a beautiful form, the no-fold cuff is sleek and there is no gaping. Test it, you'll love it! Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get this one  (and 7 other patterns from my shop!) for free. Check it out here.
  2. Mini Stocking Ornaments (Free Pattern in 3 Sizes)

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Mini diy Christmas garland - free pattern HERE

    Use this free pattern for mini Christmas stocking ornaments in three sizes I made here at AppleGreen Cottage - and turn these into the cutest diy Christmas garlands! 
  3. Ice Skate Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Or you can get super creative and make this cute ice-skate variation of Christmas stockings - visit Sew Simple Home for a free template and tutorial. So cute!
  4. Upcycled Denim Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Vicky has made these beautiful upcycled denim stockings. Love the sashiko stitching! Visit tutorial at Vicky Myers creations.   
  5. DIY Felted Wool Sweater Stockings with Embroidery 

    Christmas stocking patterns
    I' love this bright red with adorable embroidered snowflakes - save an old sweater and make these diy felted wool sweater stockings using Lisa's easy tutorial at Cucicucicoo.
  6. Faux Suede Fringe Stockings Diy

    Christmas stocking patterns
    These look gorgeous! Get the free template and how-to at A Beautiful Mess.
  7. Cute Diy Felt Christmas Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Havalah at Sisters What! created these mini kindness stockings - so sweet! Find the tutorial and free pattern at her blog here.
  8. Diy Christmas Stockings With An Upcycled Stuffed Animal 

    Christmas stocking patterns
    I'd never think of this one myself, but what a clever solution for the gazillion of cute stuffed toys to upcycle! Visit Stephanie at Swoodson Says for tutorial and more photos.  
  9. Elf Stocking Pattern

    Christmas stocking patterns
    These elf stockings are just the cutest ever! I just had to include them and think I am gonna make a few like these later this year. Visit Petro at Easy Peasy Creative Ideas for the tutorial and free pattern.
  10. Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern

    Christmas stocking patterns
    So smart and a perfect stash-busting project! You can do a mix of low-volume prints and a dash of bright red here and there - check out Emily's tutorial and get her free pattern at Life Sew Savory
  11. Stocking Advent Calendar

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Make super fun stocking advent calendar out of your diy Christmas stockings and hang them right beside your Christmas tree! Visit My Sew Bliss for tutorial.
  12. Diy Mermaid Tail Christmas Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Looks like so much fun, a perfect diy Christmas stocking for all the girls who love mermaids! Get the free stocking template and how-to at Create Kids Couture.
  13. Large Diy Stockings to Hang On Your Door

    Christmas stocking patterns
    A great alternative to a diy Christmas wreath! Visit Orange Bettie for the how-to.
  14. Classic Cuffed Diy Christmas Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    This Classic Cuffed Christmas Stocking pattern is available for free here at Positively Splendid.  
  15. Diy Upcycled Sweater Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    These diy stockings from sweaters were sewn by Heather at Heather Handmade. She created a tutorial too! 
  16. Diy Christmas Tree Stockings As Money Holders

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Gemia at Phat Quarters created these small diy Christmas tree stockings to be used as gift card and money holders. So practical!
  17. Adorable Mini Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Caroline made these mini stockings, perfect for using up fabric scraps and for filling with holiday treats, gift cards, and other small items. Get the template and tutorial here.
  18. Small Personalized Christmas Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    See how to make these beautiful small personalized Christmas stockings - tutorial and free pattern at The Creative Bite.
  19. Christmas Stocking - Out Of a Wedding Dress!

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Can you believe it, these gorgeous diy Christmas stockings were made from a wedding dress! Visit Rosyscription.com for more photos and a how-to.
  20. Easy Lined Stocking - Free Pattern

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Easy lined stocking by Amy smart - head over to The Diary of A Quilter for a free template and tutorial.
  21. 10-Minute Christmas Stockings 

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Here's a quick stocking tutorial over at Crazy Little Projects, Amber only needed 8 minutes to sew one of these. Cute!
  22. Simple Stocking Sewing Pattern

    Christmas stocking patterns
    These cute mice on the stocking - I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it! It was sewn by Emily at Life Sew Savory, and her tutorial includes a free template, too! 
  23. Quilted Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Beautiful quilted Christmas stocking by Imagine Gnats. These let-it-snow prints are in my favorite colors!
  24. Sweater Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    This sweater Christmas stocking is the way to go if you want to use up some of your old sweaters. Useful, eco-friendly, and trending! Get the free stocking template and how-to at The Long Thread.
  25. A Crazy-Quilted Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Take a look at how to make these patchwork stockings. So much fun - and you can use up all your scraps! Free template and tutorial on the blog by Hobbcraft.co.uk .
  26. Fur And Flannel Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Make a few stockings in fur and flannel - a beautiful combo, visit The Girl Inspired for full tutorial.
  27. Patchwork Stocking

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Love patchwork and working on scrap busting projects? This one is perfect for you! Visit Clover & Violett for tutorial.
  28. Diy Glittered Monogrammed Stockings

    Christmas stocking patterns
    Personalize Christmas stockings for the whole family using this easy glittering method - how-to at Martha Stewart.
I hope you've had fun browsing through all these creative Christmas stocking patterns. Choose your favorite design and materials, and the color, then start sewing: possibilities are endless. Christmas stockings are easily personalized, and with the right pattern, they will last for years.

Get ready for gift-giving: fill them with holiday treats, gift cards, and other small items. Merry Diy Christmas!

Make sure to save this collection for when you need it:
Christmas stocking patterns

Happy holidays!

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