Christmas Gift Card Holder - Free Template

Make a beautiful Christmas gift card holder using the free sewing pattern and this easy tutorial. Get the free pattern and sew one or two now, plus grab a ton of other freebies from my new Free Pattern Bundle - scroll down to find out more!
Christmas gift card holder

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Surprise - An early holiday gift from me to you! This is the first one from a bunch of holiday freebies I've got for you here, and there are more than 10 additional free sewing patterns waiting for you in the new Homemade Holiday FREE Pattern Bundle!

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This Christmas gift card holder is so easy you could probably sew it in your sleep. The only thing that would take some brainpower is juggling with the measurements, so the gift card actually fits in. So I'm sparing you that and giving you a free template to use - just so you don't need to do that funny math stuff when cutting into your fabric.
Christmas gift card holder

Oh, and have I mentioned it's a scrap buster? All you need is two pieces of 5 by 6" in matching, preferably Christmas-themed prints. And same size scrap stiff interfacing. And a ribbon, if you will. But that's all!

Now, if you prefer to sit back and relax while I show you the steps in a slideshow - all about cozy!



Now, let's sew a gift card holder!

Christmas Gift Card Holder - Tutorial

Supplies to make the Christmas gift card holder:

  • two pieces of 5" by 6" quilting cotton prints (preferably Christmas-themed, I used these)
  • one 6" by 5" piece of stiff interfacing (see interfacing recommendations below) 
  • half yard/metre of satin ribbon (optional)
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, iron
  • the free template from the Homemade Holidays - Free Pattern Bundle - download it for free from my design shop HERE. (No coupon needed.)

Get Gift Card Holder - in the FREE Pattern Bundle HERE-

Which interfacing should you use:

I used woven fusible interfacing that's practically identical to the non-woven Decor Bond, but you can also use Pellon Deco Fuse, or Vilene S520 - and - especially if you're a beginner: fusible fleece will work totally fine, too! 

As you see, there are hardly any limitations as to the interfacing on this project. 

And just in case you're using home decor fabric for outer and lining, you can just opt for a thin layer of, say Pellon SF101 Shape Flex or Vilene G700 - or eliminate it altogether. Easy-peasy! But I digress. Back to the how-to:


  1. Download the Homemade Holidays - Free Pattern Bundle HERE (no coupon needed) and print out the page with the 'Christmas Gift Card Holder Pattern'.
  2. When you have the paper template, cut 3 pieces: 1 from outer fabric, 1 from lining fabric (MIRRORED!) and 1 from stiff fusible interfacing - cut this one on the seam allowance to reduce bulk:
    Christmas gift card holder
  3. Apply fusible interfacing to the outer piece: 
    Christmas gift card holder
  4. Grab the ribbon and fold it in half, then pin it to the right (front!) side of the outer piece at the spot where I placed the triangular marking on the free template. This will be the top part of the Christmas gift card holder. Use a safety pin to attach the rest of the ribbon to the middle area of the fabric piece, to keep it out of the way: 
    Christmas gift card holder
  5. Now place the outer and the lining right-sides-together so all the edges match and stitch around, leaving a hole for turning at the bottom part. NOTE: see the turning hole? It's just at the opposite side from where the ribbon is attached. (The best place for it!) 
    Christmas gift card holder
  6. Turn right-side-out and press, making sure the unfinished edges at the opening are folded in, forming a straight line: 
    Christmas gift card holder
  7. No topstitching yet, first you need to fold the piece in half, like this: 
    Christmas gift card holder
  8. Now, pin and edgestitch around. Done! 
    Christmas gift card holder
  9. Tie a bow, tuck a gift card inside and get ready for gift-giving! 

Christmas gift card holder

If you want to, you can use the ribbon to tie around the gift card holder or hang it on the Christmas tree. Beautiful!

That's all, folks! I hope you've enjoyed making this easy gift card holder, and I'm even more so hoping you're having a pleasant, cozy holiday season.

More Homemade Holidays Bundle tutorials are coming in the following days. Happy holidays!

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Christmas gift card holder- free sewing pattern

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  1. That is so nice of you. Thank you very much!

  2. I just made the gift card wallet and I LOVE it. It's exactly what I needed. I had made something similar from another blog, but it was fiddly and in the end, it was so tight, I couldn't get the gift card in. Thanks so much!

    1. Happy to hear you like the pattern - happy gift-giving! :)