Diy Christmas Decorations - Scandinavian Style!

Diy Christmas Decorations - Scandinavian Style! Sew beautiful diy Christmas decorations using this easy sewing tutorial, and this basic block how-to here on AppleGreen Cottage, to make your home feel cozy, soft and warm this Christmas. And handmade.
Diy Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style

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First off, there's tons of Christmas sewing projects on this blog. Feel free to check them all out, including these ideas:

Scandinavian Style Christmas Decorations

Hey crafting friends! I've found an easy solution to wrap my home into the coziness of Scandinavian holiday decor! No need for elaborative holiday shopping. A little plaid, or checkered pattern in red and white goes a long way. Actually, you might need no more than this to make your Christmas feel cozy, soft and warm. And beautiful!

Diy Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style

Here's a tutorial for these diy Scandinavian-style Christmas tree decorations. Easy to make, and never boring! You'll be able to mix and match them with anything red or white. Tons of options! Are you ready for the how-to? Let's start!


Diy Christmas decorations - Scandinavian Christmas

You'll need (per ornament):

  • 2 fabric pieces: each must be a 5" square (which make two 4 1/2" four-patch blocks)
  • ribbon 7" long
  • poly fill for stuffing
  • sewing thread
  • iron. A must.
  • rotary cutter (I used this one in this tutorial)
  • cutting mat (here's mine - in pink!)

If you haven't got the cutter, scissors will do just fine,too. But if you get yourself a rotary and a mat, I promise you'll never look back! I'm even showcasing it on my supplies page:

Diy Christmas decorations
One of my Favorite Sewing Supplies - HERE

Tutorial: diy Christmas Decorations

diy Christmas home decor
1) So, here's a little unconventional use of quilt blocks for Christmas tree ornaments! First, you'll want to make the two 4-patch pieces. I promise it's quick and easy! And help is on its way, if you need it: HERE!

I chose a basic block, one of the easiest, beginner-friendly quilt blocks, for this project. I believe many of you already know how to make them - but if not, no problem: here's an easy 4-patch block tutorial I made for you:

easy sewing tutorial
How To Make a 4-PATCH BLOCK - here.

I used these same fabric pieces, just to make it easier!

ALTERNATIVE (not so cute, but faster if you're running out of time!) You can simply skip making the four-patch blocks if you don't feel like, in this case you'll only need two 4 1/2 inch squares of fabric.

easy christmas decorations
2) Once you've got the two pieces, place one of them face-up on a surface. Then fold your 7" long ribbon in half and place it on one of the corners. The loop must face inwards.

Then place the second quilt block, face-down, on it. MAKE SURE the same fabric prints do NOT face each other. The red sections need to face the white ones - and the white sections need to face the red ones. Double check! 

Scandinavian Christmas holiday decor diy
3) Use pins or sewing clips to make sure (1) all stitches are perfectly aligned, and (2) the ribbon stays in place.

If you need help on aligning the stitches, check out this tutorialThen stitch, using a 1/4" seam allowance, along the three edges.

Now you'll do a little re-folding:  This little drawing will make it clear how to re-fold the bottom edge of the fabric:

Diy Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style to sew trending holiday home decor
4) Now open out the unsewn bottom (1) and (2) push the side seams together, so they meet in the center.

Scandinavian home decor Christmas diy
5) Now pin or attach a sewing clip to prevent layers from shifting. Make a few stitches as marked from each end.

scandinavian diy Christmas decorations
So, this is what you have now. You're pretty much done sewing!

diy Christmas decorations
6) Turn right side out.

Diy Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style to sew trending holiday home decor
7) Add poly fill. You can also use tiny fabric scraps, as long as they are soft. I used fleece scraps for a few of these ornaments, and it worked just fine!

diy holiday home decorations
8) Handstitch the opening closed.

diy Christmas tree decorations
Done! I love how the little squares magically wrap around the triangular edges and still form perfect little square blocks all the way! (I believe there are some Math fairies helping with this?)

You can make these Christmas decorations without making four-patch blocks out of your fabric squares, but they turn out so much cuter if you do! Happy holidays!

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Diy Christmas decorations in Scandinavian style to sew trending holiday home decor


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