How To Add A Wristlet Strap To Any Bag, Pouch Or Wallet

Add a detachable wristlet strap to any bag you already have. Do you have your hands full but want to prevent your clutch from falling? One simple solution: a DIY wristlet strap. I'm making this wristlet strap tutorial as simple addition to the Enya Wallet Pattern and the Ultimate Diaper Clutch pattern, but you can use it with any bag, clutch, or pouch pattern. Check it out!

wristlet strap

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You can sew a comfortable fabric wristlet strap that will make it easy to carry your clutch, bag or pouch even when your hands are full. You can add it or remove as you see fit, so it's a great temporary solution, too.

It's a great option to add to any bag, pouch or wallet. You can even switch the shoulder strap for an elegant diy wrist strap to turn a small day bag into an evening clutch.

Like I did here with this crossbody wallet bag:
diy bag with wrist strap
This is our ENYA Wallet Pattern - get it HERE.

Using this beginner sewing tutorial, you can transform any zipper pouch into a grab-and-go clutch.

It's so versatile! You can use one as a keychain, attach one to your phone pouch, or even make one for this Diaper Clutch - new moms are always (eternally!) grateful for diaper clutches that come with a wrist stap. No more dropped nappies! - use the wristlet strap tutorial with this Ultimate Diaper Clutch pattern:
blue diaper clutch with diy wristlet strap
ULTIMATE Diaper Clutch Pattern HERE

And last but not least, you can make your own diy replacement strap for those bags or clutches you have been using for a long time. Wristlet straps get wrinkled with use, or even torn. If you've got a small fabric piece in a matching print, it's often way easier to make a new strap than to try repairing the old one!


cut pieces of fabric to make wristlet strap

  • 1 strip of fabric 14 inch long by 3 inches wide (36 cm x 7.5 cm)
  • 1 piece of fabric 3 inch long by 2 inches wide (7.5 cm x 5 cm)
  • 1 small lobster clasp - swivel hooks (one like these), width of the clasp base 3/4 inch (2 cm)
  • 1 D-ring or O-ring width 3/4 inch (2 cm)
  • pins or wonder clips (these are the most popular ones)
  • the usual: sewing machine, matching thread

Wristlet Strap Sizes

The dimensions above are for a 3/4" wide wristlet strap. Need a different size? No problem, here I'm listing what width of fabric piece you need for a certain finished wristlet strap width:

  • for a 1" wide wristlet strap  (2.5 cm):  use a 4" (10 cm) wide piece of fabric
  • for a 3/4" wide wristlet strap  (2 cm):  use a 3" (7.5 cm) wide piece of fabric
  • for a 1/2" wide wristlet strap  (1.3 cm):  use a 2" (5 cm) wide piece of fabric

Swivel Hook - What Size Do I Need?

Swivel hooks (also called swivel clips or lobster clasps) come in a number of widths. If your lobster clasp has a different dimension, no problem: just adjust your fabric width. (You'll need 4 times the final width of the lobster clasp base.) I've added an image of a few I had at hand at the moment: 

swivel clasps for wristlet strap
I've searched for swivel hooks on Etsy, too - check them out HERE!

Now, off to the tutorial:

How To Make A Wristlet Strap

folded fabric for wrist strap
 1) Place the long strip of fabric on a flat surface, then fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press, then open again. Fold the upper side to the center crease and do the same with the lower side. 

attach swivel clasp to wristlet strap
2) Fold again along the original center and press. Then slide a swivel hook on the strap. It will be a detachable wristlet strap, so it has tons of uses!

wristlet strap ends joined by pins

3) Next step: Open out the ends of the wristlet strap and with right sides together, pin them right-sides-together.  (Make sure you do not twist the strap piece! )

sewing a wristlet strap

4) Stitch the shorter edges together. I usually use a 3/8 inch (1 cm) seam allowance. Make sure to press the seam open. Your wristlet strap forms one continuous loop now.

wristlet strap
5) Then re-fold your wrist strap. Press.

wristlet strap made with sewing machine

6) Now FINISH: edgestitch along both long sides. You'll need to move the swivel clasp out of the way as you sew.

wrist strap finished

7) To keep the lobster clasp in place, you'll want to make a few stitches very close to the swivel hook base. Make sure to secure the stitches well, these will keep it from sliding around.

Now you need to make that tab that will hold the D-ring (or, in my case, that O-ring). Let's call it the anchor piece.


anchor tab for wristlet strap
8) Place the small rectangle piece of fabric on a flat surface, then fold in half crosswise, wrong sides together. Press, then open again. Fold the upper side to the center crease and do the same with the lower side. Refold along the center.  Pin.

sewing tab for wrist strap
9) Stitch along both edges, using 1/8" seam allowance. Pull O-ring through the strip, fold in half. I recommend basting it when folded, so the O-ring stays in place.

finished wristlet strap with swivel clasp
10) You're done! Now you just need to attach your O-ring tab to your bag, clutch, even  a pencil case or a diaper bag. Your choice! 

wristlet strap

If you want a longer wrist strap, you can use this tutorial to add it to your Ultimate Diaper Clutch. I do like the option of having it removable as it gives you an option to add it subsequently.

hand holding a wristlet strap

Add a removable wristlet to your clutch too! Want to make one and test its use?  Then it's best to choose a project to go with it:

I'd recommend either using it with the original Ultimate Diaper Clutch pattern:

...Or this easy zipper pouch tutorial (it comes with a free PDF sewing pattern - make sure to grab it while you're browsing!) - it already has a tab for the wristlet strap. If you simply add a keyring on it, you can skip the O-ring tab sewing (steps 8-10)

Happy sewing!

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