How To Make a Fleece Neck Warmer (+ 3-Size Template)

Neck warmer pattern. Check out how to sew a neck warmer with this free neck warmer pattern - easy and super quick! Today, I'm showing you how to make a double layered reversible neck warmer in two colors. It's one of the 2 popular scarf tutorials on this site (the other one is here). It will keep you and your kids super cosy and warm all winter long. It's an easy, super quick project, and a great solution for those who don't like wearing (uncomfortable and bulky) traditional scarves. Check it out!

neck warmer pattern

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Do you love wearing cute and practical accessories but hardly know how to sew a straight stitch? Then you simply must try out this easy tutorial! 

If you have never yet made a soft cuddly cowl scarf yet, raise your hand! Me neither. And even with the winter (hopefully) soon coming to an end, I've decided it was high time I make one. So easy, so quick! One of those perfect easy projects for beginners! Not to mention I had bought all the fabric required for the project ages ago!(aka last year) Time for a stash busting project then.

This easy beginner sewing tutorial will teach you how to make a warm and cozy reversible fleece neck warmer.

Fleece neck warmer

Does you child refuse to wear a scarf because it adds too much bulk around the neck? Here's a great solution for those who don't like wearing (uncomfortable) traditional scarves.

neck warmer pattern


  • 2 pieces of fleece, the largest size requirement is 25" x 9" per piece (64cm x 23cm)
  • matching thread
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neck warmer pattern

It is one of the easiest sewing projects I've so far posted about. Have some fleece leftovers from a previous sewing project? Good! Grab two pieces and let's go!

fleece neck warmer

Fleece neck warmer

Reversible Fleece Neck Warmer - Template

As you'll see, it's all about simple rectangles. To make it easier on you and to prevent the guessing game, I've tested a few sizes and chose what worked best for me and my children.

Choose one of these three sizes:

TODDLER (1T - 3T):      21" x 7" (53cm x 18cm)  = FINISHED size DIAMETER 10" (25cm)
CHILD (4 yrs-10 yrs)       23" x 8" (59cm x 20cm)  = FINISHED size DIAMETER 11" (28cm)
TEEN + ADULT:             25" x 9" (64cm x 23cm)  = FINISHED size DIAMETER 12" (31cm)

And here's a simple template for you to help you make the neck warmer (free in the subscriber-exclusive pattern library):

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Sign up for my free newsletter HERE and get access to the file once you confirm your subscription! If you’re already a subscriber, you can access the pattern with the password in each newsletter, in the resource library.

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Reversible Fleece Neck Warmer - Steps

neck warmer pattern free

1) Once you've decided on the required size, grab your scissors and the ruler. Cut 2 pieces of the selected size. You don't need to add any seam allowance, it's already included.

Stretch direction is important here! Take care to cut the pieces so the material stretches most in the direction marked on the above image.

neck warmer pattern free
2) Place the pieces right sides together and align them.

fleece neck warmer pattern

3) Then stitch along the long sides using a 3/8 seam allowance and a stretchy stitch (a simple zigzag will be just perfect!)

neck gaiter pattern

4) This is how your neck warmer looks like now - a long tube. Trim the seam allowances if required.

Fleece neck warmer tutorial

5) Pull one end of the tube into another one, keeping the right sides together, like this:

neck warmer easy

neck warmer instructions

6) Sew around the short end, leaving an opening for turning.

neck warmer pattern sewing
7) Turn right side out through the opening.

neck warmer pattern sewing
8) The only thing that remains to make this fleece neck warmer is closing the opening. I usually hand-stitch it shut, because it's easier than trying to catch the fleece layers on a machine. (And if you use the ladder stitch when hand-stitching, stitches don't show at all.)

fleece neck warmer pattern

9) You've just made a soft and warm - and unique - neck warmer. Yey!

neck warmer sewing pattern

Later on, I also made one additional neck warmer using one piece of fleece and one piece of soft jersey. Actually, I still prefer the double fleece version. Soo soft!

neck warmer free pattern

As you see in the photo, the smallest one is the toddler size, the blue-and-yellow one is mid size (4yrs to 10 yrs), and the largest one is for me. I quickly modelled it against my partner's chin, and can confirm that this size will work for any adult.

neck warmer free pattern

It will keep you and your kids warm all winter long! Since winter is (hopefully) coming to an end soon, I was thinking whether I should just fast forward to Christmas sewing? It's so easy I just might.

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how to make a baby scarf that will stay put

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Fleece neck warmer tutorial: this easy beginner sewing tutorial will teach you how to make a warm and cozy reversible fleece neck warmer. And here's a free 3-sized template for you to avoid guessing and to make this cowl scarf a quick and easy-sew.

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  1. I do like the construction of your neck warmer, Damjana. Looks much easier than how I've been doing infinity scarves. A great tutorial, as always.

  2. I love this! I always end up with scraps of fleece that are too big to throw away but I otherwise have no use for them. Now I'll know to make neck warmers! I've featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip here: --Anne

  3. Great tutorial, I've got some fleece and need to make a couple for my granddaughters! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this! I have been making simple (but warm) hats and mittens for the homeless. This will make a nice addition to the sets. Thank you!

  5. I've just used you great instructions to complete a neck warmer interchanged with hat pattern. A friend had one and I've drafted a pattern from it. All it is, is exactly what you have done here and then I sew a channel about half an inch down from the top edge. Then I snipped a hole on either side of the vertical seam and inserted cord on a safety pin. Pulled the cord through, tied it off, moved the cord around so that the knot was hidden in the channel and then put the end of the cord through a toggle which allows the cord to pulled tight for a hat, loosened slightly to fit through a pony tail and stretched out completely to slide down over the head to be a neck warmer. Very happy with the results.

    1. A great idea, Honeybug, and thanks for sharing it! I need to try that out.

  6. Thank you so much for these instructions. I am a Cub Scout leader in Canada and recent changes to our badge system require our Cubs to create "an article of winter clothing". Your clear instructions were my saving grace! This past Tuesday, our Pack produced 24 of them in a little over an hour and a half! The kids were thrilled and so proud to make these themselves. I have heard that several of them have insisted on wearing them ever since (both outside and inside!). This pattern was so forgiving for beginning sewers, looks great, and feels so soft and cuddly. A few of them asked about making hats and I gave them the idea of the previous poster. Thanks again!

    1. Teatime,
      that's awesome! Amazed about your initiative and the kids' enthusiasm, and thankful for your comment. Have a great day,

  7. With your tutorial it was fast and easy to make...and now it's a pleasure to wear those soft and cozy scarfs. Thank you!!!!

  8. Hi Marmalina,

    Yesterday I was at the fabric store for some thread and saw that luxury fleece was on sale for 50% off(Yay!) I took advantage and found your web page for making neck warmers. Your instructions are perfect; clear, concise, and so easy to follow! I made 4 this morning from just 1 yd.(2 for my boys, 2 for my husband and father-in-law) for Christmas gifts. They are also very practical, especially for active kids - no more lost scarves! I definitely plan on making more and gifting them to loved ones. Who wouldn't love a handmade gift that keeps them cozy warm all winter? I also saw the post from the Cub Scout leader in Canada and agree this would make a great project for kids. My boys are Cub Scouts too so we will definitely try this with our den. Thanks SO much for taking the time and effort to share with all of us!


    1. Rege

      thank you, that's such a lovely comment. And yes you're right, it does make a great kid sewing project - I know of a few kids who've made their neck warmers from this tutorial. So happy I can help! xoxo,

  9. Yours are the absolutely clearest and easiest to follow instructions I found! Thank you so very very much!!!!