Diy Sleep Mask - Free Pattern

Sew your own diy sleep mask using this sewing pattern that's free for all newsletter subscribers. If you are looking for an easy sleep mask pattern, this one is super comfortable and soft, and one of my most popular free patterns (more freebies here) Grab the free pattern and sleep late this weekend!
diy sleep mask free pattern

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Diy Sleep Mask

Make it easier to relax using this diy sleep mask! This is one of my free patterns for quick projects that can be finalized within less than an hour and is ideal for beginners. Two interfacing options and a lot of sewing tips included!

diy sleep mask
A sleep mask like this one, packaged in a cute diy little pouch like the free LILI pouch pattern here, or the Mia pattern (from my shop) makes a great diy gift for a new mom, a college student, anyone who can benefit from a quick energizing nap - and that's pretty much everyone!

First, for those of you who like video, I've made a slide-show to get the feeling of how easy it is to sew one:

If you want to hear a little story behind this diy sleep mask, scroll down. But first, let me show you how to sew it.

Finished Size: 8" length, 3 1/2" width (20cm x 9cm)


  • just a little fabric 9x9" (Peek-A-Boo shop now has custom fabrics -Love their ice-cream print!)
  • even less fusible fleece: 9" x 4" (21cm x 11cm) 
  • 16" (40 cm) of fold-over elastic (I used 5/8" width, that is 1.5cm)
  • sewing machine or needle, pins or sewing clips, 
  • iron, scissors, or rotary cutter plus cutting mat (I use this one by Olfa)
  • the free template that's available to all my newsletter subscribers with an exclusive password you get once you've confirmed your subscription (new subscribers: join here, existing subscribers: enter Freebie Library here with your password)

Diy Sleep Mask Tutorial

1) Print the free PDF template (see below) to a piece of cardboard or paper - twice! Why? On one of these two templates, cut off the seam allowance marking. This way, you'll end up with a separate piece for your interfacing/fusible fleece, and cutting will be super quick. Clever, right? :)
how to make sleep mask

Then use the larger template to cut 2 pieces from fabric and the smaller template to cut the fusible fleece. As an alternative, you can use batting, but keep in mind that batting needs to be cut full size, as you'll need to sew it in:
sewing tip for diy sleep mask
This tutorial is made with fusible fleece. Later on, I'll show you a few details if you want to sew it with batting (See the green sleep mask in the title image? Sewn with sew-in batting. So soft!)

sewing sleep mask

2)  Next step: attach fusible fleece to the front fabric piece.

Use this quick how-to if you're not used to working with fusibles:
how to add fusible interfacing

3) Pin the fold-over elastic to the right side of the front piece (the one with the fusible fleece on the back). The elastic ends will peek out on the sides, you can cut them off later. Also, make sure the elastic won't get in the way when sewing. Use a safety pin.
free sleep mask pattern

4) Now, place the lining right-side-down on the front piece, so the two pieces will be right-sides-together. The elastic will be sandwiched between them.

diy sleep mask

5) Stitch around, leaving a 3" (7cm) gap at the top edge, for turning. Go slowly and use a short stitch length, it will make sewing curves easier.
sleep mask pattern

6) Trim the seam allowance, using pinking shears, taking care not to snip into any stitches. Also carefully clip into the seam allowance in the 'nose' area, just a few threads away from the stitch. It will release the tension when turning that seam right-side out and prevent puckers.
diy sleep mask

7) Turn right side out and press. Then close the turning hole. You can do this by topstitching all around the sleep mask, or by hand-stitching. Ladder stitch works great, as always!
diy sleep mask instructions


BONUS TIP: A note on sewing with batting instead of fusible fleece: once you've sewn the layers together, trim the batting very close to the seam, like this:
comfortable sleep mask
Then proceed as mentioned above: by trimming the fabric and then turning right-side-out. That's all. Batting makes the sleep mask soooo soft! I wanted to take a nap right away, but it will have to wait until I've taken all the photos I need for insta and FB :) 

diy sleep mask

And as promised, here's a little bit of a story behind. It is such an easy project, but it took me so long to put the free pattern online! Want to hear when I got the idea to make a pattern for a sleep mask? Back in 2012 when I made a few for myself and for gifts. And here's a pic from that time: 

sleep mask free sewing pattern

Finally, after years, I managed to make my draft digital, yey! also, I changed my original template a little, for better coverage of the area between the nose and the eyes, letting less light in. I'm super happy with this last version you'll get. No wonder, the testing period has been years-long :)

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diy sleep mask

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