How To Make a Four Patch Quilt Block - Two At A Time!

How to make a four patch quilt block - This is what I believe to be the easiest way to sew a four-patch quilt block. And the fastest one. Check out how to make two in one go!
How to make a four patch quilt block

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Even if you don't quilt but do love patchwork, you might have been using the four-patch block all the time anyway. And if you haven't, you will be hooked after you see how easy it is. I'm planning quite a lot of my Christmas decorations, just to make use of these cute four-patch blocks. Eeep!

Join me, try it out!


How to make a four patch quilt block

  • two 5-inch pieces of fabric (quilting cotton is prefect, alternatives possible, off course)
  • sewing thread
  • iron. A must.
  • rotary cutter (I used this one in this tutorial)
  • cutting mat (here's mine - in pink!)

If you haven't got the cutter, scissors will do just fine,too. But if you get yourself a rotary and a mat, I promise you'll never look back! Here's one of my other sets (just bragging, lol!) But seriously, these make your crafting so much easier!

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How To Make A Four-Patch Block

four patch quilt block
1) Align the two squares right sides together with all edges matched.
Optional: mark the two stitching lines at 1/4 from the edge, and the middle. I also marked the center here.

four patch quilt block
2) Using a 1/4" seam allowance, stitch on both sides of the square. That's two stitching lines.

four patch quilt block
3) If you're using scissors, mark the center between the two stitching lines. (No need to do so if you're using a rotary cutter and a mat!)

a four patch block
4) Cut exactly in the middle of the square, so you get two pieces.

how to sew a quilt block
5) Press the pieces closed to set the seams. Then open them up, lay face-down and press the seam allowance to the side with the darker fabric. Do not slide your iron about more than necessary to avoid distorting the fabric.

easy quilt block
6) Stack the two pieces right-sides-together again, the same fabric prints should NOT face each other. See how the red fabric is facing the white solid in the image? 

Also, if you pressed the SA towards the darker fabric, you'll notice that the seams are now nested, meaning that seam allowances are facing the opposite directions. Less bulk! Match them EXACTLY. 

You may want to pin to prevent the layers from shifting. I find it easier to feel the seams and keep them together using my thumb and index finger while sewing. Works best for me! 

basic quilt blocks
7) Stitch using a 1/4 seam allowance on each side of the piece. Mind the seam direction!

quilt block sewing
9) Cut at the center between the two stitching rows.

quilt block sewing beginner
10) Press the pieces closed to set the seams. Then open them up, lay face-down and press (don't glide!) the seam allowance to the side with the darker fabric. Done!

So Where's The Catch?

Two things are important with the 4-patch, from the viewpoint of a non-quilter (and ignoring all other aspects such as color theory, battles between pressing to the side or pressing open, and the like): 

Keep your seams straight and stick to one single seam allowance.  As simple as it gets!

Bonus Tip:

If you are unsure about your ability to sew a straight line, no problem! Mark the SA on your lighter fabric piece, using a tailor's marker like this one, or good old tailor's chalk. Then just follow the line when stitching. Straight stitches guaranteed!

easy quilt block

About Sizes

In order to get two 4 1/2 inch sized unfinished blocks, you need two 5inch squares.

And please bear in mind: when you incorporate the block into a quilt or another sewing item, the finished block will measure 4 inch only. Makes sense?

sew a quilt block

Stay tuned to see what I make out of these blocks - not traditional quilting stuff, but so cute anyway! :)

Save For Later:
This is what I call the EASIEST way to make a four patch quilt block - two in one go!


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