Air Dry Clay With Christmas Cards

Air dry clay is amazing for crafting! And here's an easy diy for you: Christmas cards with air dry clay decoration! It's not something I'd usually do, it was a crafting idea that found me when I was glancing at the pile of cute thin clay decorations my kids made, and then realizing we still had no Christmas cards ready. It's very similar to the air dry clay stars we made the other day with kids. Check out how to turn them into unique Christmas decor!

air dry clay and Christmas cards

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We've been using a lot of air dry clay for crafting lately, can you tell?

This post shows thin cookie cutter stars we made the other day with kids, and if you'd like to find out
more about air drying clay and how to use it, feel free to check out this tutorial:

air dry clay

Now, the pieces have been dry and ready to be used for our handmade Christmas cards. What was holding me back? I had no idea how to embellish them. And while I was wondering what tools I'd need to get to decorate them, I was surprised to see that all I needed was an ordinary ballpoint pen.

air dry clay

You're not gonna believe it, but here's even a little video I made for you. Enjoy!

Christmas Cards With Air Dry Clay


So, if you're tempted to make your own air-dry clay decorated cards, these are the supplies you'll need:

  • air dry clay (I used DAS brand) - or rather, thin decorations made and dried already
  • card bases
  • card envelopes (we love them in colors!)
  • glue that will hold clay (we used UHU Multi-Purpose)
  • a sharpie or ballpoint pen

air dry clay

Time to grab the ballpoint pen and start decorating! Take a look at the following images for a starting point or inspiration. Once you start, the individual strokes will take on a life of their own, just follow your own creativity. It's fun!

air dry clay decorations

Once the stars look as you wanted and when you're ready to take it to the next level, use glue to attach your creations to the card base. I made sets of three stars on each card. It just felt right, you might opt for some other 'constellation' (pun intended) :)

diy air dry clay decorations

Finished. I love them!

modelling clay decor

Christmas cards with clay decoration

Loving the air drying clay. It's so versatile, and it can be rolled out so thin, while it is not as fragile as regular, natural clay would be in its place. So far, not even one of these thin stars has been broken, even after a little tossing trial we made with kids (unintended at first, but with kids, you'll understand). Turns out air drying clay is a bit more flexible than other materials. 

I wonder how these cards will do being tossed around by post office staff. I'll let you know how they do :)

air dry clay on Christmas cards

Save for later:
Christmas cards with clay decoration

Happy holidays!

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