Mitten Ornament - Free Pattern For Christmas Tree Ornaments

Get started on your Christmas crafts with this cute mitten ornament pattern. It's a free pattern and it comes in 3 sizes - for all your holiday decorations! And it's part of my new free Homemade Holiday Pattern Bundle - scroll down to get them all!
mitten ornament

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Make this cute mitten ornament with a few scraps and this free Christmas ornaments pattern - so cute! This mitten template comes in 3 sizes and is part of my Homemade Christmas Pattern Bundle - download all the patterns for free and have a wonderful handmade holiday! (Edit: SCROLL DOWN For the LINK to the free pattern bundle!)

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mitten ornament
These super easy mitten ornaments can be nearly entirely machine-sewn. A quick sew, and you can make a whole bunch of them. They are also perfect gift toppers, and great as baby's first Christmas ornament (And how cute would these be all in pink or blue!!)

Also, you can simply make a garland out of these mittens and hang them over the mantle.

mitten ornament

Need to make them larger? No problem, the free pattern comes in 3 sizes!

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Mitten Ornament

I decided to make these mitten ornaments in sets of two, and attach the hanging ribbon to one on each side - so much cuteness! First, sit back and relax - see the easy steps in this quick slideshow so you get an idea how it goes:


If you prefer step-by-step photo tutorial, scroll down.


  • two scraps of red fabric per one mitten
  • a bit of a neutral solid in white or cream for cuff (cca 2 by 4 inch for the smallest mitten)
  • 7" - 10" embroidery thread or twine for hanging
  • poly-fill (get one small pack for the entire Homemade Holidays Bundle) 
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, needle, iron
  • Free mitten template in 3 sizes: Feel free to use the template from my Homemade Christmas Patterns Bundle - it's FREE for all and contains more than 10 free Christmas sewing patterns. All made for you! Here:
    free christmas patterns
    Get FREE Homemade Holidays Pattern Bundle here.

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    Mitten Ornament - Step 1

    Cut two of each pattern pieces: the main piece and the cuff piece. You'll find both mitten pattern pieces in three sizes in the FREE Homemade Christmas Patterns Bundle HERE in the shop - no code required.

    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 2

    Place the main piece (Piece 1) and the cuff (Piece 2) right sides together and sew them together using a 1/4" (7 mm) seam allowance:
    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 3

    Now we'll make sure the cuff on the mitten ornament 'sits' nicely when all sewn up: unfold the cuff from the main part just a bit, not pulling it all the way away from the main piece but leaving approximately a third of the piece back. Do this with both pieces of the mitten ornament. Easier to show than describe, so check out the pic here:
    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 4

    Place the pieces right sides together. It makes it easier if you press. It should look like this from the side:
    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 5

    Pin and stitch around, starting and ending at the cuff, using a 1/4" (7 mm) seam allowance. See where the arrows are pointing:
    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 6

    Notch and trim the seam allowance for a nicer finish. Make sure not to snip into the seam.
    mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 7

    Turn right-side-out and add some poly-fill. Don't stuff it too much, less is more. The ornament should be fluffy and not stiff. The cuff should not be filled at all. Once you've added poly-fill, tuck 3/8" (1cm) of the cuff fabric towards the inside to create a clean edge. See the photos:
    diy mitten ornament

    Mitten Ornament - Step 8

    Once you have both of the mittens finished, it's time to add the twine or embroidery floss to connect them and make them easy to hang on the Christmas tree. Stitch the twine to the inside of the mitten cuff, then stitch the hole closed.

    Bonus tip: I'd usually tie a knot on one end of the twine and stick the threaded needle through it, then make a firm loop to secure. Now with the twine firmly attached to the sewing thread, I start sewing the turning hole closed. This way, the twine won't be torn off even if kids pull really hard on the ornament.
    sewing mitten ornament
    Done and ready for gift-giving and holiday home decorating!

    Make sure to save the project for inspiration - and so you find all the free templates when you need them:
    mitten ornament

    And make sure to download the FREE Homemade Holidays - Free Pattern Bundle from the shop for FREE (no coupon required.) - you'll be able to use all the patterns in there once I've published all the free tutorials that I have planned - all in a few days' time. Make sure you don't miss out on any!

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