Diy Christmas Tree Ornament

Use the free pattern and the tutorial to make this sweet diy Christmas tree ornament this holiday season. It comes in three sizes and two design versions. (Spoiler alert: Plus get 12 additional free holiday sewing patterns here on the site!)
christmas tree ornament diy
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Get ready for your homemade holidays! This diy Christmas tree ornament is great for decorating or gift-giving. The tree motif can be used separately as a tree ornament or in gift wrapping. Let your imagination guide you!
christmas tree ornament diy

When I was thinking of this ornament, I was looking for something that may be used in many ways. That's why I made the template in 3 sizes. Ornament, present topper, table decoration, or it can even be used as an applique on this easy pillowcase tutorial (I must make a few of these again!).

And then I also thought of those of us who love doing last-minute holiday decor. Well, that's where the second, simplified design popped up.
christmas tree ornament diy
A simple triangular form you can use in the same way but is made even faster. I honestly can't decide on which one is my favorite - so I'm giving you tutorials for both! :)

So here we are where I want to do a two-in-one tutorial, haha! Let's see how I do.
christmas tree ornament diy

Diy Christmas Tree Ornament

I've made not just one, but two templates for you to use. Both come in 3 sizes so you can choose depending on the space you have available for your Holiday decor. One of them I called a three-dimensional tree, and the other one is a super simple (and the quickest of all!) triangle version of trees. Which one do you prefer?

First, check out this quick slideshow to get an overview of the project:


Next come the supplies and you can also scroll down for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. I've got you covered!


  • scraps of soft felt for the '3D' tree, OR quilting-cotton weight fabric for the simplified, 'triangle' tree ornament
  • a small pompom
  • polyfill for the simple  'triangle' version
  • 7" - 10" embroidery thread or twine for hanging
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, needle, (iron)
  • Free template - download and print pages 8 and 9 from my new Homemade Christmas Patterns Bundle - it's FREE for all and contains more than 10 free Christmas sewing patterns. All made for you! Here:
free pattern for christmas tree ornament
Get Free Pattern Bundle HERE.

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Version 1 (3D) - Tutorial

Step 1 - Print out the template

Print out page 8 in the PDF file of the Homemade Holidays Pattern Bundle.

free pattern for christmas tree ornament

Step 2 - Cut the pieces

Then use the MAIN Pattern Piece to cut three pieces from green felt - all in the same size. Also, cut one piece marked as TRUNK. Also, get some twine or embroidery thread ready and a small pompom.
free pattern for christmas tree ornament

Step 3 - Stitch the Crown

Stitch the main part from 3 pieces. You'll do 3 seams:

First, place 2 pieces together and stitch along one side (see Seam #1). At the bottom, make sure to stop stitching just before you reach the center. You want to keep a little space at the bottom of the 'crown' for the trunk.

diy christmas tree ornament
Then slide the third piece between the unfinished layers and align it to one edge - stitch along that one (see Seam #2). Then sew the last edge that's still open (see Seam #3), the same way as you did before, stopping just before you reach the center at the bottom.

A small opening will remain at the bottom.

Step 4 - Form the trunk

Trunk piece (1) - Fold the short ends of the piece towards the center (2) and then again fold in half (3). Make a few stitches to fix it (4). I did a simple whip stitch, a blanket stitch works beautifully too.
diy christmas tree ornament

Step 5 - Attach the trunk

Push the trunk into the slot at the bottom of the tree crown (5) and stitch in place (6).
diy christmas tree ornament

Step 6 - Add pompom and twine

Use thin twine or embroidery thread to (7) attach a small pompom to the top - and make a loop for hanging (8). Done!

diy christmas tree ornament

This tree ornament has some structure, yet it's so simple; easier to make than to write about it :) The smallest size is only 5 inches tall when finalized. Need to make them larger? No problem, both free templates come in 3 sizes!

The trunk is designed in a way that allows you to put the tree ornament on a thin dowel + wooden base and fix it to stand on its own. I've been meaning to do a mini felt tree tabletop arrangement for some time now. Just need to find the motivation - and this tutorial might just be it! 

Version 2 (Simplified Tree Ornament) on Pattern Page 9 - Steps

Now this one is the 'last-minute crafting' version, so it's even faster and simpler to diy. Only 3 basic things to do: print the template, stitch main piece part, and stitch the trunk. Let's see:
  1. Print out the template on page 9 of the PDF file.
    diy christmas tree ornament

  2. Main piece: Place the two main pieces right sides together and stitch around, leaving a 2-inch or 5cm opening at the bottom (see 1). Then clip corners (see 2), turn right side out (see 3) and stuff using a bit of poly-fill (see 4). Main piece done.
    diy christmas tree ornament free pattern
  3. Trunk: fold the trunk piece in half crosswise and right-sides-together (see 1), then stitch along the sides (see 2).  turn right side out (see 3)  and the trunk is ready to be 'installed': push the raw edge approximately 3/8" (1 cm) into the opening on the main piece and stitch close through all layers at once. (see 4)
    christmas tree ornament free pattern

  4. The rest is the same as above: use thin twine or embroidery thread to stitch a small pompom to the top - and make a loop for hanging. Ta-daa! This was fast!
diy christmas tree ornament

If you're looking for more holiday patterns, these are super popular right now:

Make sure to save the project so you can use all the free templates from the series when you need them:
diy christmas tree ornament

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  1. So cute. You could add tiny decorations - bead strings, Xmas-themed buttons, or embroidery right on the felt after cutting out the pieces and before putting it together.

    1. Absolutely! There are so many ways you can embellish these trees, true!