Super Easy Spring Felt Storage Cube

It was something like a year ago when I presented this super easy storage cube on Seams And Scissors, and now it's time you get the free sewing pattern too. It's a super easy, clever and simple DIY idea for you to try out this spring. Search through your felt stash for a square piece of thick felt, but first scroll down for the free template!

felt storage box free pattern

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UPDATE: This tutorial also includes links to my two free felt flower tutorials. Cutest things you can make in no time! If you are searching for those only, scroll down to the end of this post.

Now about this felt cube tutorial and template: it's a quick DIY, no hemming, no measuring, basically it's a super quick beginner sewing project. For when you need a quick present but are running out of time. Or for when you don't feel like working with a seam allowance. Or pressing or making boxed corners. You'll see what I mean. This:

felt storage box free pattern

It also makes a great present. What better than that!

You'll Need:

  • your free felt template (Easiest DIY Felt Box Pattern on Craftsy)
  • 12" x 12" (31cm x 31 cm) of thick felt. It needs to be at least 2 milimeter thick to give the box enough stability.
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine, scissors,
  • optional: embroidery floss, thin felt for decoration

Felt Storage Cube Tutorial:

And I'm adding a quick HOW-TO here:

1) Place a piece of thick felt on a flat surface and trace it using the free template. Cut out the felt:

felt storage box free pattern

2) Fold it in half, diagonally.

felt storage box free pattern

3) Pin together the two opposing sides of the felt box, like this:
felt storage box free pattern

4) Stitch along the pinned lines.
felt storage box free pattern

5) Do the same with the other two opposing sides of the cube - pin and stitch:
felt storage box free pattern

6)Here's your felt storage cube:
felt storage box free pattern

7) If you want to hide the thread ends, check out this easy sewing tip. My readers love it!
Best Sewing Tips: How To End Stitching Neatly

8) The rest is decoration. You can leave the storage cube blank, or decorate it using felt flowers, or embroidery floss.

felt storage box free pattern

I love felt flowers! Easy and quick. You can make a few within minutes, following one of my tutorials at AppleGreen Cottage.

felt storage box free pattern

To sum up, basically it's cutting out a piece of felt using the free template, 4 straight stitches, done. It does not get any easier than that!

They've got tons of uses: a felt box like this one makes a great key storage if you keep it in the hall, somewhere close to the front door. It also protects the surface of the hallway table - no more scratches from tossing your keys!

Here's Your Free PDF Sewing Template:

So, You can get it on Craftsy, where I post all my PDF patterns and templates (the majority are free), if you click here:

felt storage box free pattern
(And while checking out this free pattern, don't forget to

felt storage box free pattern

Perfect to hold your craft supplies. Fill one with satin ribbons. And tiny colorful buttons. And put them on display. Adorable! Felt boxes like this one are an inexpensive way to get your shelves, desk or kitchen counter organized and beautiful.

Save For Later:
felt storage box free pattern


If you'd like to make the felt flowers, I've got these two free tutorials for you - with FREE TEMPLATES, too!

felt storage box free pattern                  felt storage box free pattern
           ROLLED Felt Flowers Tutorial                              FOLDED Felt Flowers Tutorial

Happy sewing!

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