7 Christmas Tree Ideas For Small Spaces

Christmas Tree Ideas for small spaces. Is your apartment so crowded that even a small Christmas tree would hardly find an empty corner in your apartment? These DIY Christmas tree ideas take up nearly no space and are easy and quick to make - check them out.
christmas tree ideas for small spaces

Christmas Tree Ideas For Small Spaces

These 7 space-saving diy small Christmas trees are easy and quick to make - check them out.

People say the best DIY ideas come to your mind when you're in lack of resources - money, space or time. Here are 7 unconventional Christmas trees you might not have seen before. They are perfect for small spaces, yet not those notoriously famous ones. I chose several low-cost DIYs that are not on the front covers of every single magazine's Christmas edition, hoping to bring you something less conventional. Did I do well?

These 2D Christmas trees are here to inspire you, and if they sparkle an additional hour of creativity in your home, even better. If you're lucky to have plenty of space, forward the link to someone who's not - they might thank you later :)

Diy Christmas Tree Ideas

First off, here's one for all fabric lovers (me too!) You can use fabric scraps! Cut and starch them and attach to the wall. You get a lovely Christmas tree made of fabric - just like Vic did at Punky & MeSuper cute!

And now one that looks quite traditional at first sight - only that it's not:

Diy Christmas Tree Ideas

DIY wall mounted Christmas tree with pine garlands - perfect for small apartments! you'll find the idea and how-to at Engineer Your Space.

Diy Christmas Tree Ideas
Or, and this one is one of my favorites, you can use a chalkboard painted wall to draw a wonderful Christmas tree, like Hazel at A Legg Up did. Adorable!

Diy Christmas Tree Ideas
Julie at Redhead can decorate upcycled an old pallet to DIY a gorgeous Christmas tree. She has a clever DIY tutorial on her site.
Diy Christmas Tree Ideas

As basic as it can get: use a string of Christmas lights and make a DIY string-light Christmas tree - love the simplicity and beauty of it! The idea by A Pair And A Spare DIY.

christmas tree ideas for small spaces

Hazel at A Legg Up used her DIY felt toys and put them on a cupboard door in the form of a fir tree. If you have a child yourself, you still have plenty of time to make your own felt toys - a great and soft and personalized DIY Christmas gift which you two can later arrange on a wall to form a Christmas tree like the one above. A perfect and high-quality family time!

Here's a link to my favorite FREE felt toy tutorials. Use them all!

christmas tree ideas for small spaces

Make a Christmas tree from twigs, like Michele at michele made me did. A little DIY and you've got yourself a beautiful Christmas tree!

Cute and clever, I love them all. What is your favorite solution? Save for later:

christmas tree ideas for small spaces



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