How To Sew Fabric Bookmarks with Felt Circles

Ready for a totally easy-sew project? And that a lovely one! Here's how to sew fabric bookmarks with cute little felt circles. Scroll down for the free template with 4 free designs and an easy-sew trick that will make your corners look beautiful.

Scroll down for an easy-sew trick that will make your bookmark corners beautiful. (You'll love this little hack!) + grab the template with 4 FREE designs ;)
how to sew fabric bookmarks

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Enjoy! Now back to the new bookmarks. I got the idea when making another batch of my colorful felt coasters. Do you know those? Love making them, and the idea just popped into my head when sewing. Feel free to check them out, it's a great beginner-friendly tutorial - and a perfect DIY present idea, too!

First, for those of you who like video tutorials, I've made a video slide-show just to make it easier for you. Check it out:

Quick and easy to make, they won't take a lot of your precious sewing time. You'll see making a bookmark like this one is a breeze. And if you happen to know a book-lover whose birthday is close, you've got a great DIY present idea ;) 

how to sew fabric bookmarks
You might have some leftover felt from previous projects, and the best part is, you don't need a lot of it! It's a scrap busting project.

You might even make them in batch to stock up on DIY birthday presents, make a teacher appreciation gift, or even a Christmas stocking stuffer! (Yes you've heard that right, I'm saying this before the summer even started!) I've also added a little sewing tip that will make your project even easier. Let's do it!

how to sew fabric bookmarks

How To Sew Fabric Bookmarks


how to sew fabric bookmarks
You'll need:

  • a 9 by 6 inch (=23cm x 15cm) large scrap of fabric
  • a piece of fusible felt interfacing: 2 1/2 inch x 8 1/4 inch (=6.5cm x 21cm) - i.e. in the finished bookmark size to avoid bulk on the stitching line)
  • a few felt scraps in your favorite colors
  • sewing machine or needle, pins, sewing thread, scissors
  • optional: your free template with a few additional shapes to use - see below!

Bookmark Finished Size: 2 inch wide, 8 1/4 inch tall (= 5 x 21 cm).

Your FREE Template:

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    Free pdf templates for bookmarks with applique

    This is a basic free template to make cutting even easier and more fun. I suggest you print the 2 template pages on cardboard so you'll have the forms handy for any additional sewing projects.

    What you get:
    - the basic bookmark template (although you can simply cut one using a rotary cutter and a cutting mat.) ...BUT
    - what might be more helpful, are the 4 designs for felt cutouts I added, each in 3 sizes that match the bookmark template size:

    • paisley, 
    • 5-point star 
    • circles
    • 4-point star

    Very handy for when you want to add diversity to your unique bookmarks!

      Tutorial: How To Make Fabric Bookmarks

      how to sew fabric bookmarks

      1) Cut circles out of the felt colors you've selected for your bookmark.

      CIRCLE SIZES: none should be larger in diameter than 2 inch (so it will fit to the background fabric). The template has 2 inch, 1.5 inch and 1 inch in diameter, but you don't need to stick to that dimensions.

      Distribute them over one half of the fabric as you see fit. No rules here, have fun!

      felt bookmarks

      2) Pin the felt to hold the circles to hold them in place. You'll remove pins as you sew.

      (I love using my 'birdie' pins for projects like this one. They are long (2"), thin and they lay flat, so pinning felt is a breeze!)



      felt bookmarks

      3) Select matching or contrasting threads (your choice!). Start sewing in the middle of a felt circle and work your way towards the outer edge, making a few circles. No need for any precision here!

      What you need to make sure is you sew the lower-layer (i.e. the larger) circles first. You'll sew the top circles over those.

      felt bookmarks

      4) A close-up: as you see, I just sewed, keeping the threads unfinished. In the end, I pulled all the threads from the front to the back side and tied knots to secure stitches.

      If it's too messy for you, you can finish each seam separately, off course.

      felt bookmarks

      5) After you've secured the stitches, fold under the seam allowance along both long edges of the fabric. Press.

      Here comes the easy-sew trick. Follow along:

      how to sew bookmarks

      6) Unfold the center fold and re-fold it inside-out – see the image above. 

      how to sew bookmarks

      7) Stitch over both short ends, using the 3/8" (=1 cm) seam allowance.

      how to sew fabric bookmarks

      8) Trim the corners to reduce bulk. 

      Sew a fabric bookmark with felt

      9) Turn right side out.

      To push out the corners, use a point turning tool or something similar, like a chopstick, a knitting needle, or simply a pencil. Don't use anything sharp since it could make holes in your fabric.

      Now's the time to press the fabric for a nice and crisp finish.

      how to sew fabric bookmarks

      10) One long side is still open. One step more and you've made it!

      Spelling Bee Book by Lori Holt

      how to sew fabric bookmarks

      11) Edge-stitch around the entire bookmark. This way, you'll stitch the opening closed. Done!

      fabric bookmark with free pattern

      how to sew fabric bookmarks

      It makes a great sewing project for kids, too. As an option, you can sew a few fabric bases for the bookmark (see steps 5 to 11 only) - and leave it to the kids to hand-stitch the felt circles. It makes an amazing kids-sewing project AND a great motivation booster for reading.

      Save the bookmark sewing project for later:

      how to sew fabric bookmarks how to sew fabric bookmarks how to sew fabric bookmarks

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