DIY Paper Bookmarks for Kids

Love to read, but never seem to have a bookmark at hand? You will love this easy DIY solution: crafting cute, colorful bookmarks out of scrap materials, packaging cardboard, and other items you've already got in your household. Options are endless. After I experimented with felt-and-fabric (what a cute combination - here!), I decided for paper. Check out how they turned out this time!

Making bookmarks is a fun little DIY reading-related project!

Here's a simple but great crafting idea for the entire family, especially if you have a kid that loves books and has always more than 3 'in progress'. Well, in this case you occasionally need a bunch of bookmarks to keep up! And you can always give them as little DIY presents to your friends.

Let's make bookmarks!

You'll need:

-mid-sized packaging boxes or cardboard (for the base)
- scissors,
- hole punch
- glue, glitter glue
- colored crafting paper
- used gift packaging paper or other piece of paper with animals/characters/etc

Instead of used gift wrapping paper, you can use stickers, or any ther cardstock animal or other prints.

This set of bookmarks has a ribbon with a letter attached to it. And a letter.

Since we are in the basic literacy phase (aka getting to know the individual letters), the kid enjoyed allocating the initial letters to each of the bookmarks. Each letter here stands for one of his friends' names. They made great little gifts!


With the help of scissors, glitter and glue, these DIY bookmarks can be made in no time. Kids will gladly jump in and help. Variations welcome!

After you've glued everything you wanted, punch a hole in the bottom part of the bookmark, then thread a ribbon through the hole. (By the way: a great fine motor activity for prescholers!)

I admit to have jumped in when the glitter-attaching activity was about to spread to a whole new part of the dining crafting room. But other than that, I hope to have left enough room for creativity.

And these would make a great teacher's gift too, don't you think?

And if you are looking for where to store these bookmarks, you might want to check out this little fabric bin idea,  too! ;)

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