How-To: DIY Cardboard drawer dividers

Do you have a kid in your home? Then it may be a challenge to keep the small clothing accessories, socks and bibs in one place. Kids' clothes are smaller and often just float around in drawers or on the shelves. Want to maximize the storage space AND keep those tiny items organized?


If you have some cardboard at home, you can make them yourself in no time and at zero cost. Interested?

DIY cardboard drawer divider

It's a little DIY trick to tame the mess in your kids' drawers without taking up much of your time or money.


  • some sturdy cardboard (a box from the latest trip to the grocery store?)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors or cutting knife
  • (optional) some wrapping paper you really like and glue/double sided adhesive tape.

DIY cardboard drawer divider


1) First measure the interior of your drawer - height, width and depth.
2) Then cut two pieces of cardboard: one piece "height X depth", the other  piece "height X width". So you've got two rectangles.

DIY drawer divider - cut

3) Then mark the middle of each piece and cut a line half way through.

DIY drawer divider - center cut

4) Insert one piece onto another.

DIY drawer divider - assembling

It's done!

Unless... you have some extra time left and want to make it prettier. Then before assembling the two pieces, cut the wrapping paper to the measures of each of them and wrap the cardboard using some glue or double sided adhesive tape.

DIY drawer divider - wrapping in nice paper
DIY drawer divider_done
Now it's really done. :)

DIY drawer divider_after

It will keep the kid's socks and stuff neatly organized. But you can use the DIY cardboard dividers in any space, for any purpose. That messy kitchen drawer, a toy box, a tool box - you name it. Want to try it?

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