How To Make Coasters - Perfect Diy Holiday Decor!

See how to make coasters using this easy tutorial. If you want to make easy and beautiful diy Christmas coasters in less than half an hour, check it out!
how to make coasters
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Create your own fabulous holiday home decor! These diy Christmas costers pattern are easy to sew. After creating these diy felt coasters a really long time ago, I wanted to make coasters with fabric for to make our holiday season a bit more festive.

I wanted these coasters to be made in holiday colors AND I wanted to be able to use them all year long.

So here's what I've come up with: I did not specifically use Christmas prints. Just sticking with the red, white, and green prints did the job. And we'll be able to use them all the time!

how to make coasters

These cheerful diy creations will bring variety and add more color to our holiday home decor, for sure!

It's an easy project, and quick too, and you don't require any pattern for these. Just fabric scissors or rotary cutter and a ruler.
how to make coasters

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how to make coasters


How To Make Coasters


  • five scrap pieces of fabric (5" or 13cm squares) in your favorite color combination
  • a 4 1/2 inch (11.5cm) square of fusible fleece
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • optional: rotary cutter and cutting mat (I use this one by OLFA)


    Cut Your Fabric Pieces - Step 1

    Cut 5 pieces of 5" (13cm) squares. One will become the back of the coaster, the other 4 will form the front. Also, cut one 4 1/2" square (11.5cm) from fusible fleece.

    how to make coasters

    Add Fusible Fleece - Step 2

    Fuse a piece of fusible fleece onto one of the pieces. It will become the back of the coaster.
    add fusible fleece for diy coaster

    Folding Step - Step 3

    Fold the remaining four of your squares in half, wrong sides together and press.
      christmas coasters to make

      Stack The Pieces - Step 4

      With your bottom square right side up, layer the rectangles onto the square covering it. See the image below.

      When placing down the fourth rectangle (see #4 on image below), flip up the first piece and tuck the last one under the first piece - they will overlap, just like the rest of the folded pieces.
      christmas coasters to make

      Sew Around - Step 6

      Clip or pin all the pieces in place, then sew along all four edges using a 1/4" (7 mm) seam allowance.
      christmas coasters to make

      Trim Corners - Step 7

      Trim the corners to reduce bulk. Here's a good guide on clipping corners if you are new to sewing.
      christmas coasters to make

      Turn Right Side Out - Step 8

      Turn the coaster right side out, reaching into the center between the rectangles.
      diy fabric coasters

      Press The Finished Diy Christmas Coaster - Step 9

      Push out the corners and press. Voila!
      diy fabric coasters

      Done and ready for holiday home decorating! Any Christmas gatherings planned? Going to a New Year's Eve party? These diy coasters would make a great hostess gift.

      Also, where I live, families would often visit each other during the holidays, so these could be a great diy gift. Make a few in advance, tie them using a beautiful satin ribbon and you've got a great diy holiday gift ready.

      Also, make sure you visit my other post, a roundup of cute little holiday decoration projects from my friends and fellow bloggers. All easy and free projects you can make in under an hour!

      Make sure to save the project so you can use the tutorial any time you feel like:
      diy Christmas coasters

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      1. That's brilliant! I use this method to make little tissue pack pouches but have never thought to make coasters - genius!
        They really would make a lovely gift too.

      2. I love a project that allows you to combine different prints on a small item. Great gift idea!

        1. Agree, the scrap bin is always hiding so much cute fabric for cute little projects! <3

      3. I think I'll try this, it's so hard to get all the edges neat when you leaveone open for turning out then sew it up afterwards. This is a perfect solution!

        1. Anna, thanks! Yep, I fell in love with folding because it gives an illusion of a perfectly sewn piece when in fact it's a super easy workaround even novice sewers can easily master. Love little sewing hacks, always :)

      4. These look like very festive coasters. I love the way you turned them out to finish off the project. Thank you for a great tutorial 😀

      5. What a clever construction method! When I saw the pictures, I just assumed that it was a mini-patchwork. I love how you sort of wove the pieces together! :) Lisa

        1. Hihi, Lisa, you know me: clever little tricks and sewing hacks are always my favorites! xoxo,

      6. I love the construction, such a clever way to avoid turning out along an edge (and for me inevitably ending up a little wobbly!)

      7. I am new and get confused. I had a question on the fusible fleece. Once you turn it inside out is that on the outside of it or on the inside? So when it's done do you see it? Didn't see what the back looked like on the finished project. Thanks for your help

        1. Sherry hi,
          a good question! When assembling the pieces, you need to place the one with the fused fleece so that the fleece is facing down. Image in Step 4 might help a bit: see the part marked with '1'. So when you turn the entire thing inside out, the fleece is buried between layers. Hope this helps. Happy holidays!