Santa Hat Ornament - Free Pattern

Make this Santa hat ornament using the free pattern in 3 sizes and beginner-friendly tutorial with video. Two options included (felt and fabric). Part of the Homemade Christmas free pattern bundle, I also posted tutorials for this gift card holder, this origami ornament and this cute mitten - download them all!
Santa hat ornament
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We always make a few new handmade ornaments with kids, each year, and it makes our holiday tree decoration process special. This ornament is perfect for sewing with your kids or grandkids.

This diy Santa hat ornament is a classic among holiday ornaments, and perfect to start - or continue - your holiday sewing tradition. It's part of my free Homemade Holiday sewing pattern series.
Santa hat ornament

I've been on a crafting kick lately, and I'm posting an entire series of Homemade Holiday decorations before December. How cool's that! So far, I've already published tutorials for this gift card holderthis origami ornament and this cute mitten - download them all!

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Santa Hat Ornament - Tutorial

First, check out this quick slideshow to get an overview of the project:


Next come the supplies and you can also scroll down for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. I've got you covered!.


  • red and white felt 
  • alternative: you can use quilting-cotton weight fabric instead, but you'll have to fuse some fusible fleece to it for stability
  • a small pompom
  • polyfill
  • 7" - 10" embroidery thread or twine for hanging
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, needle, (iron)
  • Free template - download and print pages 6 and 7 from my new Homemade Christmas Patterns Bundle - it's FREE for all and contains more than 10 free Christmas sewing patterns. All made for you! Here:
free pattern for Santa hat ornament
Click HERE to get to the FREE pattern bundle.

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Santa Hat Ornament - Step 1

Print out pages 6 and 7 in the PDF file of the Homemade Holidays Pattern Bundle. Decide on the size, I made them all in the smallest size, the finished hat is approximately 3 1/2 inch tall, perfect for me!

free pattern for Santa hat
From Homemade Holidays -FREE Pattern Bundle

Santa Hat Ornament - Step 2

Then cut one out of each 3 pattern pieces from felt - all in the same size: small, medium or large. Also, get some twine or embroidery thread ready and a small white pompom.
Santa hat ornament

Santa Hat Ornament - Step 3

Place the white felt strip on the red main piece and align. Then stitch at one (inner) rounded edge only if you have both pieces cut from felt - it's enough. If you've opted for alternative (fabric), see the next step too.
Santa hat ornament

Santa Hat Ornament - Alternative (if using FABRIC)

Fuse some interfacing (I chose fusible fleece) to the red fabric piece for stability. Then align the white piece on the red piece and stitch along BOTH long curvy edges. I used zigzag as it makes it easier to catch the layers.
diy Santa hat ornament

Santa Hat Ornament - Step 4

Now fold right sides together in half and stitch along the straight edge.
Santa hat ornament

Santa Hat Ornament - Step 5

Turn right side out and use thin twine or embroidery thread to stitch a small pompom to the top - and make a loop for hanging.
santa hat decoration

Santa Hat Ornament - Step 7

Time to stuff the hat and close the bottom part. This step is optional, but it helps towards the durability of the ornament (especially with small kids in the house!) Add poly fill and handstitch the circle to close. I did a simple whip stitch, a blanket stitch works beautifully too.
santa hat decoration

santa hat decoration
Get ready for holiday home decorating! Need to make them larger? No problem, the free templates come in 3 sizes!

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Make sure to save the project so you can use all the free templates when you need them:
santa hat ornaments

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  1. So cute! Thank you for the pattern & tutorial. We will enjoy making a few of for myself & each grandchild.

    1. Hi,

      so happy to hear that! Sewing ornaments for (and with) your loved ones makes the best holiday memories! Have fun,