My BEST free bandana bib pattern

...and a little thank-you note to my readers. Today, I'm a bit sentimental about my blog. It's been here for a whole year - and a half. It's a hobby of mine, and it's mission is to make your life just a bit easier or add some extra fun. But what I'd never believe back then is what awesome response you gave to some of the posts I made for you. It's just amazing, how much you love this free bandana bib tutorial I made back in late 2014! Today, I'd like to share the story behind it...
my best baby bib tutorial with a free pattern
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For those of you who don't know it yet - it's here - a simple step-by-step tutorial with photos, suitable for hobby sewists.

It all began as a coincidence: our kid needed tons of toddler bibs, and I noticed I was buying them constantly. And then, I had enough and just simply started making them. It saved me quite a handful of bucks, and I was quite happy about it. And about the simplicity and the incredibly short time it takes to make one. And I made soooo many of them:

my best baby bib pattern and tutorial

So I went and made photos of each step, and posted it on my blog, figuring that might help some other moms save some money...

my best baby bib pattern and tutorial

And you chose it to be your favorite post! The FREE pdf bandana bib pattern (get it for FREE in my shop here!) I made available was obviously something that has helped a lot, and I'm really happy about it! 

And the tutorial is still helping many of you, as I see (this photo is still being repinned like crazy after that many years, thanks!) and I'm happy to say, from all my heart - it's so rewarding, knowing to have made the lives of a bunch of people just a bit easier! (Or less expensive, for that purpose.)

You've made my blog's mission come true, thank you :)

If you' are not yet familiar with the next photo, just click on it, and you'll get to the free tutorial and the bib pattern that can be accessed in the FREE Resource Library when you subscribe to the free newsletter:

my best baby bib pattern and tutorial

Now, DO USE the free pattern! 

These baby bibs are easy to make, can be made from scraps, and take only a little time to make. (each time less, actually - see here why;) Sew one or two, or tons of these bibs, for your kids, for your friends' toddlers, other little boys and girls out there, you get the picture! It won't take you a lot of time, but might save a buck or two AND make someone quite happy :)


The bandana bib pattern is available for FREE in my shop. Yep, totally free! Get it here:
bandana bib free pattern
Get the pattern for FREE in my shop - HERE

Thank you again for liking this tutorial! I'll do my best to make more of the kind you need or wish!

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  1. Such a clever idea! It's an easy-to-do pattern plus, we can really save a lot! This is awesome! I'm gonna make like a dozen of this and give it to my nieces. Thanks for sharing.