Colorful DIY Felt Coasters Tutorial

Time for a new quick and easy, no-fail beginner sewing project you can make really fast. I'm talking these DIY colorful beauties - round felt coasters with just the easiest applique to sew. An eye-catcher at any party, and a perfect homemade present. Learn how to make them, and you've got the best homemade gifts!


How to make easy DIY felt coasters

These coasters are made of several layers of felt: the bottom one from a thick, 3mm felt, and the rest from thinner, 1.5 mm felt. See my post on how to choose felt for crafts if you'd like to know more. But first, I need to give credit to the girl who made these and gave me the idea in the first place: it's Nancy from Do Small Things With Love.  Though I adapted the coasters to make them even faster to sew (see below), the idea is definitely hers. Thanks, Nancy!

Why I love them {and why you will too}:

1) Simply cute and wildly colorful!
    {But you can use a more decent color combination if you like}
2) So much fun sewing
   {No need to be precise when sewing, yeey!}
3) Easy to make
   {Even for total sewing newbies, really! Seen it happen}
4) Can be made in no time
   {Can even be added to your last-minute-DIY-presents list!}
5) Oh, and they will protect your furniture from scratching and moisture.
   {Felt is soft on furniture and absorbs moisture.}

Now let's start.

You'll need:

easy DIY felt coasters for you to make

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1) First you'll want to cut circles in three sizes from various felt colors. Always start with the largest circle - this one needs to be cut from thick and sturdy felt (mine was 3 mm thick). All smaller sizes need to be cut from thinner felt.

Homemade Christmas gifts - easy DIY felt coasters for you to make

2) Then mix and match the colors and sizes. Choose the thread you want to go with. (I usually choose contrasting thread, it's so much cuter!)

DIY coasters to make as presents

3)Then place the 3-layer stack (your coaster-to-be) under the sewing foot and start sewing. I always start sewing in the middle from the thickest material and work my way out toward the outer edge. {To me, it's way easier than from the outside towards the inside.}

How to make easy DIY felt coasters

4) Then sew several circles around it, only the first few will be needed to keep layers in place, the rest is purely for fun! (No precision required. At all.) You'll know it's enough when it starts feeling like being on a merry-go-round. :)

How to make easy DIY felt coasters

5) Then you just cut off the excess sewing thread and you've made it! Your pretty DIY coasters are here!

DIY coasters tutorial
 You can get creative making them in various shapes, or add details. Did you notice I made one a bit different from the others? One of the blue coasters. I call it the tomato, it's here just for presentation purposes. {You can make an entire veggies selection here!}

DIY coasters tutorial

So go find a color combination that works for you, use it to compile the coasters and you've nailed it! Everybody will love the DIY coasters on your table.

Oh, and one thing more: since you'll be using the thick felt for the bottom layer, no backing is needed. The felt coasters will be sturdy enough as they are. {Didn't I say these coasters will be the easiest presents on Earth to sew ?}

Homemade Christmas gifts - easy DIY felt coasters for you to make

Aren't these DIY coasters just adorable? An eye-catcher at any party, and a perfect gift for Christmas or for any other occasion! :)

How to make easy felt coasters

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  1. Nice I will try to make some when I have a minute

  2. Your coasters are totally beautiful ... and remind me of the first spring bloomers.
    Maybe I'll try her out with my kids. :)

    Have a nice weekend your Nähbegeisterte