7 Awesome Ways to Use Playdough for Toddler Play

Playdough has been one of the best working options in our home for our toddler when INDEPENDENT PLAY is in the game. 

I simply put playdough on the kitchen table (the best to put it somewhere close, where you can keep an eye on your kid if he's still a little munchkin) and asked him if he'd like to make a ----- [insert the activity from the below list]. I've never yet gotten a NO as an answer!

7 creative ways to use playdough

Read on to get several great ideas for how to use playdough for your toddler's independent play:

1)      Playdough cookies! Get a few cookie cutters and some playdough and let your kid explore! If you combine it with a color-mixing activity like this one at AppleGreen Cottage, it will be even more fun!

2)      Cars-in-the-mud: you will soon realize that when mixing playdough colors you'll very often end up with that brown-greenish muddy color of playdough – well, that's perfect, don't throw it away just yet! If you have a boy, it may turn into a giant muddy hill for his tiny cars and trucks! You don't need to add anything else than that, your kid will love it!

3)   Making a playdough snowman – especially handy during winter, even when your kid is ill and can't go out play with the snow. You'll need a tray (to limit the play area), three pieces of playdough, and several small pieces that can be used as the eyes, the nose, the mouth, etc – you get the picture. Be creative and use whatever is close at hand.

4)      Playdough and pasta! A combination of playdough with small items like pasta provides a wonderful opportunity for not only imaginative play but is also an amazingly effective fine-motor skills exercise. And it's one of the easiest ways to keep your toddler occupied for quite some time!

5)      Nature-exploring activity with playdough – making leaf prints in playdough and using rocks to explore the various texture patterns is a great learning experience for toddlers you'll find at Learn-Play-Imagine!

6) Decorate-a-Christmas-tree! – This is an idea for an easy toddler activity that could most probably be squeezed into your busy December schedule. I often call them 1-2-3 activities because they don't take up a lot of preparation time, you just need the idea and the rest is PLAY :) - grab a cup of green play dough and form a triangle from it, placing it on a surface, get some tiny bits and pieces and offer your toddler a 'play dough Christmas tree' and ask him if he'd like to decorate it. 

7)      Another texture-exploring game is the playdough imprints activity shown by Deb at Learn and Play At Home. It’s not only a cute sensory experience for kids but also encourages development of fine motor skills, language skills, exploration and textural differences. All important for children learning about the world around them.

I hope you'll be able to use some of the ideas at home. Now lean back and sip that cup of coffee in peace - your toddler is having fun all on his own :)

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  1. My nieces and nephews love Play Dough. It gives them freedom to create whatever they want. It helps children develop their imagination.


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