Diy Christmas Ornament - Baubles And Finials

Diy Christmas Ornament - See how to make these colorful fabric baubles and finial ornaments for your Christmas tree. A beautiful addition to any Christmas home decor, these bauble ornaments are way easier to make than they look like. Scroll down to get the free pattern!
diy Christmas ornament
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This diy Christmas ornament pattern will bring variety and add more color to your holiday home decor, for sure! I was thinking of a diy ornament project that would allow me to use non-traditional Christmas colors, and these diy baubles and finial ornaments turned out to be perfect for that! 
diy Christmas ornament

If you haven't been a round a lot, you might not know it yet: I've been on a crafting kick lately, and I'm posting an entire series of Homemade Holiday decorations before December. How cool's that!  

These are all free tutorials with FREE patterns. And this is one of them. (EDIT: Scroll down for the link to the Homemade Holidays - FREE Pattern Bundle.)

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christmas bulb ornaments

Also, they look amazing with bold floral prints. Go ahead, use up your most precious scraps and put them on display on your Christmas tree!

Need to make them larger? No problem, the free templates come in 3 sizes!

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Diy Christmas Ornament - Baubles, Drops And Finial Ornaments

First, sit back and relax - see the easy steps in this quick slideshow so you get an idea of how it goes:


If you prefer a step-by-step photo tutorial, scroll down.


  • scrap fabric in vivid colors and contrasting prints
  • a bit of felt to cut two little circles - optional
  • poly-fill (get one small pack for the entire Homemade Holidays Bundle) 
  • beads for embellishment - optional
  • 7" - 10" embroidery thread or twine for hanging
  • matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, needle, iron
  • Free template - download and print page 10 of my new Homemade Christmas Patterns Bundle - it's FREE for all and contains more than 10 free Christmas sewing patterns. All made for you! Here:
free pattern for diy Christmas ornament
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    2 bauble template options: 

    • There are 3 designs on page 10. Look for the BAUBLE Ornament.
    • Alternatively, you can make a different design, it's called the DROP Ornament on the same page (10) of the Free Pattern Bundle


    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 1

    Decide on the form of the ornament you want to make: select the BAUBLE (Finial) Ornament or the DROP ornament. Both are on page 10 in the PDF file. Decide on the size, I made them all in the smallest size. Then cut:

    diy Christmas ornament

    1. Cut out 4 pieces of the design - I cut 4 bauble pieces from fabric.
    2. Optional: cut 2 circles from felt, using the circles from page 10 of the PDF pattern - look for the two pieces marked 'Option Small Circle' and 'Option Large Circle'.
    diy Christmas ornament

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 2

    Optional step: Grab ONE of the four pieces and either machine- or hand-stitch the felt circles to the center. You won't need to add the felt if you fussy-cut the pieces from, say, floral prints, like I did with the yellow fabric (see image below) 
    christmas bulb ornaments

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 3

    Make 2 pairs: place the pieces right sides together, two by two.

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 4

    Sew 2 pieces together on one edge only, then do the same with the other two. You'll have two pairs.
    diy Christmas ornament

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 5

    Place the (compound) pieces right sides together and stitch along one edge again.
    diy Christmas ornament

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 6

    Notch the curved portions of the seam allowance for easier turning. This is what you have now:
    diy christmas ball ornaments

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 7

    Time to stitch the last open edge together - make sure to leave a small turning hole:
    diy Christmas ornament

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 8

    Turn right-side-out and add some poly-fill:
    christmas bulb ornaments

    Diy Christmas Ornament - Step 9

    Stitch the opening closed and add any embellishments you want to. At the top side, add twine or embroidery floss to connect them and make them easy to hang on the Christmas tree:

    diy Christmas ornament
    Done and ready for holiday home decorating!

    Make sure to save the project so you can use all the free templates when you need them:
    diy Christmas ornament

    And make sure to download the FREE Homemade Holidays - Free Pattern Bundle from the shop for FREE (no coupon required.) - you'll be able to use all the patterns in there once I've published all the free tutorials that I have planned - all in a few days' time. Make sure you don't miss out on any!

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    1. I love how whimsical these look! For a beginner sewer, this project doesn't look too complicated either. Thanks for sharing this DIY and free pattern.