Felt Food - Free Template for Felt Carrots

Felt Food - Free Template for Felt Carrots. Learn how to make felt carrots, using this free template and tutorial. Do your kids love felt play food? Make a few felt carrots using this tutorial to start your felt play food collection, and then check out my favorite 7 felt food tutorials I have for you. Easy and quick to make, this felt carrot tutorial comes with a free PDF template!

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This time I'd like to show you how to make felt carrots to add to your felt play food collection. Boy it can be fun! You can combine these carrots with some other felt food, like sunny-side-up eggs, cheese, bread, bananas, broccoli and tons of other felt food. Wouldn't this make a wonderful DIY present for a child? Check out my favorite 7 Felt Play Food Tutorials HERE.

Now, let's get back to felt carrots tutorial.

How To Sew Felt Carrots - Tutorial


  • orange and green felt
  • toy stuffing (you can use scraps of jersey or minky if available)
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine or a needle
  • pins
  • my free Felt CARROT Template (available in the subscriber-resource library for all newsletter subscribers - join the free newsletter here!)

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    1) Get or make a template. You could also cut pieces without one, off course (and it can be fun!), but using a template might save you quite a lot of drafting, making the project waaay faster. If you use the template, you'll end up with these three pieces:

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    2) First, let's make a few cuts into the green 'leaves':
    Later on, you'll be able to twist them and they'll appear more realistic than what you see here.

    3) Next, take the orange piece, fold it as shown and stitch, making a cone.

    4) Snip off the bottom, to make the cone easier to turn. For more on clipping corners and making your seams neat, check out these two short how-tos:


    5) Turn the cone inside-out.
    Then stuff with either toy stuffing, or use scraps.

    6) Using a running stitch, stitch around the opening, and pull on your thread and gather, like this:

    Did you know you do not even need to make a knot when you start stitching?  I love this little trick! Check it out here:

    7) Insert the two green leaves and stitch them in place.


    So, which ones are real? ;)

    This was how the play started, and we added a few wooden carrots from our Melissa&Doug cutting set to add to the fun:

    But pretty soon, the real carrots have disappeared and there were only felt and wooden carrots left. (That's because we had a snack just before the next photo session :)

    And then kids (and me) had a bit more fun with the felt food. In fact, my baby daughter took over the scene! Not to mention the now four-year old, who immediately opened both a play food shop and a restaurant in the middle of the living room!

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    How to sew felt carrots - tutorial and free sewing pattern. One of my favorite free felt play food tutorials. How to sew felt carrots - tutorial and free sewing pattern. One of my favorite free felt play food tutorials.

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    1. Oh my gosh, Damjana, these are just too cute! And I can't get over how such an easy project can look so realistic! Love them! Pinning and sharing! :) Lisa

      1. Dear Lisa,
        thank you for such a kind comment. I'm quite happy, too, with how they turned out. Have a great day,

    2. Your carrots almost look real, Damjana, and they are so easy to make. Fab tutorial as always. Showcased today...

    3. These would make great ‘play foods’ for the kids! (And much cheaper than store bought plastic ones that don’t survive bites! LOL