Diy Fleece Scarf - And Why This One Won't Fall Off!

This diy fleece scarf will never fall off. See why not - and learn how to sew one!
diy fleece scarf
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This diy fleece scarf is breathable, lightweight, soft to the skin, and comfortable to wear. And you don't need to pull it over your head when putting it on. This is what makes it perfect for babies, but older kids and grown-up will love them too.

This scarf tutorial has a secret ingredient you'll want to try out!
diy fleece scarf
It's a beginner sewing project that will neither require a lot of material nor time. Since I had a few pieces of soft fleece left from my last year's neck warmer project (free template here), it was time to tackle a new scarf idea. It makes a great diy gift for babies and older kids.

Diy Fleece Scarf

Now, let's make a nice little diy fleece scarf. Actually, this one was made for my toddler daughter, but you'll want to make them in all sizes once you see the smart addition to it. First, feel free to check out the slideshow video I made for you:


Now, let's see what supplies you'll need.


how to make a fleece scarf

  • 2 contrasting or complimentary-color pieces of fleece, dimensions 30" x 5" per piece (76cm x 13cm)
  • 1 piece of fleece (same color as the backside of the scarf) - 4 1/2 inch x 3 inch (12cm x 8 cm) 
  • ruler, scissors or rotary cutter + cutting mat
  • matching thread, pins

What Scarf Size to Sew?

I've made this diy fleece scarf to fit a baby. You can easily adjust it to fit any size.

As you'll see, it's all about simple rectangles. To make it easier for you, I'll just show you what dimensions I used:

how to make a fleece scarf

These will work for a baby through toddler. And if an older kid happens to need a bulk-free way to protect just the neck - this is the same dimension you should go with for them, too.

But if you need to cover the chin up to the nose, I suggest you go with the neck-warmer version here:
another free scarf pattern
Updated FREE PATTERN for Neck Warmer HERE.

How To Make A Fleece Scarf

1) Once you've decided on the required size, grab your scissors, or even better, a rotary cutter, and the ruler. Cut 2 main pieces, and one small strap piece. You don't need to add any seam allowance, it's already included. We'll start with the small piece, the stay-put strap holder:
how to make a fleece scarf

2) Fold it along the long side, right sides together (if you have a right side).

My piece of fleece does have a right and wrong side: I noticed it only after prewashing the fleece.

how to sew a scarf

3) Turn right-side-out and move the seam to the center, like this:

diy scarf

4) Take one of the larger pieces, the one that will form the backside of the baby scarf. Place the strap on it, taking care to keep the seam facing up - later on, we'll flip it over, so it won't be visible anymore. 

Also, one end of the flap needs to be 9 inch away from the end of the main piece. See the image below.

diy scarf

5) Pin and ..
diy fleece scarf
... stitch in place.

how to make a baby scarf - fleece scarf sewing tutorial

6) Flip the strap over towards the outer end of the scarf piece, and pin in place. The center seam is not visible anymore. Now you'll attach the other end of the strap, and you have two options:

a) topstitch over it, as marked below:
baby scarf

or b) machine stitch by going below the strap. It is easier than it looks like, and I prefer it this way.
how to make a baby scarf

7) Strap attached:
fleece scarf sewing tutorial

8) Place the 2 main pieces right sides together:
how to make a fleece scarf

9) Pin and stitch around, leaving an opening for turning. 
how to make a fleece scarf
I used a narrow zigzag stitch to keep the seam flexible.

baby scarf pattern
10) Optional: you can make rounded ends instead of rectangular ones. I did, and it looked like this:

baby scarf pattern

12) Notch the rounded portions, or clip corners if you left them square. This quick sewing tip will help you:

how to clip corners

baby scarf pattern
13) Turn inside out through the opening.

baby scarf pattern
14) Stitch the opening close.

I usually hand-stitch it shut, because it's easier than trying to catch the fleece layers on a machine. (And if you use the ladder stitch when hand-stitching, stitches don't show at all.)

baby scarf pattern

15) Done!

fleece scarf how to make

While I prefer the cowl version of our home-made scarves, I'm certain that a baby would vote for this one, as there is no pulling over head involved. Some babies can't stand onesies or pullovers or any other type of garment actually being pulled over their little heads, and this stay-put scarf seems to be a great solution for the cold winter months.

how to make a baby scarf - fleece scarf sewing tutorial

Though I said it's a baby scarf, it is well suited for toddlers, as well as for older kids, too. Due to the easy use, my daughter enjoys putting it on and pulling one end through the strap. Going out with kids during winter? Never a problem to put on this fleece scarf!

how to make a baby scarf - fleece scarf sewing tutorial
This little strap will hold the scarf in place. Works great!

how to make a baby scarf - fleece scarf sewing tutorial

What you see next to the stay-put fleece scarf is my last year's cowl neck scarf I made for my daughter then. Feel free to check out the tutorial with the free 3-sized template included.The largest one is suitable for adults, too!

free pattern for fleece cowl scarf and neck warmer
Feel free to check it out here

Save for later:


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ultimate diaper clutch pattern
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  1. Thank you for this! I hope I have some big enough fleece in my stash. I'd like to make one for my little granddaughter for when they get back from Florida. I also checked out the neck warmer too. I do like something around my neck in the house during the winter (and I can't tolerate a turtleneck type top), but don't like the length of a scarf because it gets in the way. The neck warmer would be perfect for that.

    1. Kathy,

      happy to hear you'll be able to use both of the free tutorials. Happy sewing,

  2. You're waiting for the end of Winter, and I'm hanging out for cooler weather, Damjana. Clever idea to add the tab to keep in place.

    1. Thanks, Pam,
      and I need to admit that always when I publish a tutorial when the season is ending, I think to myself that it will be right on time for my Australian readers. :)

  3. What a great idea! So simple, but I can imagine that it's a perfect life-saver! :) Lisa