How To Sew a Star Softie (And a Free PDF Pattern)

Learn how to sew a star softie, using this free PDF sewing pattern and the star softie tutorial. It's an easy beginner sewing project for everybody, even if you have never sewn before, and a great toy to sew together with kids. This DIY felt star softie makes an ideal sewing project for children because it's easy, quick and colorful. Give sewing a go - and find out more about the Sew-A Softie initiative later in the post.

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This soft star toy can be made by kids, and this tutorial is, in fact, made for kids to learn sewing. This time, I'm taking part in the Sew-A-Softie-Day, an initiative to encourage both adults and children to give sewing a go.

So if you have a grandchild or know a kid who'd like to sew, give it a try! Sew this simple softie together and have tons of fun :)


You'll need:
  • 2 sheets of felt (each 11" by 11" square, that is 28x28cm), option: use cotton instead.
  • some soft toy stuffing material 
  • coordinating sewing thread
  • contrasting embroidery thread
  • sewing machine AND needle
  • scissors
  • pins
  • your FREE PDF Sewing Template (available in the subscriber-resource library for all newsletter subscribers - join the free newsletter here!)
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This is a basic free template for everybody, to make cutting even easier and more fun. I suggest you print the 2 template pages on cardboard so you'll have the forms handy for any additional sewing projects.

The template comes in 3 sizes, but it's easy to enlarge or shrink, too. The smallest of the 3 sizes is meant as a pocket version of the star softie, suitable as a travel toy.

However, you're not limited by the template. Make the star larger and it transforms into a cozy star pillow. And if you make it even smaller than  the template, you get a tiny DIY keyholder. Tons of uses for this cute little DIY!

TUTORIAL: How To Sew A Star Softie

1)  Let's start. Use the free template to cut out the basic star form out of each of the two felt sheets.

2) You get these two pieces.

3) Out of the remaining pieces of felt, cut out two circles. Your choice of size, mine were approximately 1.25 inch in circumference (3 cm).

4) Cut each circle in half. These will become the eyes of the star.

5) Place them on the star template, so the colors are in contrast. (Here: light blue eyes on the dark blue surface, and vice versa)

6) Use your embroidery thread and attach the eyes onto the star template. It's not necesarry, but this is a great opportunity to learn how to start stitching without even making a knot! Want to see how? HERE's the easy how-to. (I love this little hand-sewing trick!)

7) When you're finished sewing, secure the stitch on the back side.

8) This is how the template looks with the eyes stitched on. Other details (like mouth etc) will be done later.

9) To machine-stitch the softie, place the two pieces right-side-together like in the photo above.

10) Stitch around, leaving a gap for turning and stuffing the softie. See the space between the two sets of pins? I always mark like this, so I don't forget to leave the gap.

11) Clip the corners to reduce bulk, taking care not to snip into any stitches. An optional, though useful step.

More on corner clipping here. You'll never go back to the simple diagonal corner-cutting once you see this:

easy sewing tips - how to clip corners

Now, back to our star softie:

12) Turn right side out. To push out the corners, use a point turning tool or something similar, like a chopstick, a knitting needle, or simply a pencil. Don't use anything sharp since it could make holes in your felt.

13) Stuff it using soft toy stuffing material. As an alternative, you can also use fabric and fleece scraps from your other projects. A great recycling idea!

14) Either machine-stitch or hand-stitch the opening closed.

15) Squeeze and rearrange the stuffing a bit to spread it evenly.

16) Now's the time to add any other details you wish. I opted for adding a mouth. The simple running stitch will give your star softie great unique details. No need to make it perfect!

Your cute little star softie is made, congratulations!

You can flip it, and here it is, in another color:

This softie is just perfect for this moon-and-stars headboard in our kids room. Sleep tight and sound, my baby.

As already mentioned, this star softie tutorial is part of the Sew-A-Softie Tutorial Hop, and I just can't wait to see what my fellow sewing bloggers will come up with.

And one thing I'm even happier about, I have just been sent an image from Kathleen who's made these adorable stars as gifts for her grandbabies. She made them from quilting cotton, and was kind enough to allow the image being posted here. Thank you, Kathleen K.!

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  1. It would be cute to put a bell inside for a baby toy.

  2. The perfect size for little hands, Damjana. I've showcased your super cute star softies today.