Mini Coin Purse Pattern

Mini coin purse pattern - Need an extra small coin purse that would not take up much space? Something flat, so you can slide it into that small jacket pocket and carry anywhere? Try TRIA, the mini coin purse. It could become your new favorite!

mini coin purse pattern

This mini coin purse pattern is a great scrap-buster project, and it makes an excellent little handmade present or stocking stuffer! The cutest coin pouch I've ever had!

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How TRIA came to life: I needed something that would not take up much space, and something that would be simple. And was looking for something flat, so it takes up the least possible space and I can carry it anywhere attached on a key ring. And something that would enable me actually see the coins when open. So I made me this cute tiny coin purse. Love it!
mini coin purse pattern
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mini coin purse pattern

Mini Coin Purse


  • The TRIA Mini Coin Purse is tiny and flat, practical to carry around.
  • The tab makes it easy to attach it on your key ring or clip on your bag.
  • It's lined.
  • It's reinforced by fusible interfacing to keep its shape. 
  • Easy-to-scale pattern if you want a larger size
  • Doesn't take a lot of time to complete.
  • It requires little material to sew. A great scrap buster!
  • Makes an excellent handmade present for your loved ones. Kids too!
This cute&practical coin purse does not take up much space. It's flat, so you can easily slide it into a jacket pocket or carry anywhere attached on your key ring, or clipped on your bag.

mini coin purse pattern

What about the PDF Sewing Pattern?

While I mainly make free PDF patterns, this one is a non-free one. 

The pattern is available on Craftsy. It's a full-size printable PDF pattern with a step-by-step tutorial and lots of photos and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. I added a few bonus tips to make sewing even easier. Feel free to check it out here:

cmall coin purse pattern
Get Pattern HERE.

You don't need a lot of material to make these: a few triangular scraps of fabric, bits of soft iron-on interfacing and a short nylon-coil zipper.

mini coin purse pattern

The PDF Pattern includes detailed, beginner-friendly instructions with lots of step-by-step photos. Also, you'll learn how to shorten zippers and add zipper tabs and how to sew in zippers the neat way (no more pinched ends!)

Don't have a zipper foot for sewing zippers? No problem, I included a how-to for using your regular foot with zippers too!

mini coin purse pattern

The lining of the coin purse is practical, but to tell you the truth, the best thing with lining is getting that fun pop of color when you open the coin purse. Just love it!

mini coin purse pattern

mini coin purse pattern

Get Your Pattern - NOW!

If you like this mini coin pouch, feel free to check out  this link to the pattern on Craftsy:

mini coin purse pattern

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