How to make summer PAJAMA PANTS for kids

Does your kid need a pair of super comfortable summer pajama pants? You've come to the right place! I've got a FREE PAJAMA PANTS TUTORIAL for you, so you can sew pajamas for kids yourself. It is intended for hobby sewists just like me, so it's simple, clear and easy to follow. 

See below, I've added the TWO BASIC THINGS you really need to know about jersey! And a bonus tip...Happy sewing!

how to make summer pajama pants for kids

First off, this post includes affiliate links. Thanks for your support! And these pants in the photo are the summer pajama pants for our kid I made this month. And there are several additional ones to follow soon... 

I actually wasn't planning to make them, but when I was hijacking my sewing fabrics stash last time, I came across this incredibly soft, comfortable jersey stuff I had forgotten about long ago
 - and couldn't help but start making something out of it. (Happens to you, too?)

how to make summer pajama pants for kids


Why I love making these kids pajama pants (and why you might too):

  • the pattern is simple
  • the cutting and sewing part easy and above all, 
  • these pajama pants can be made REALLY QUICKLY! And with busy moms, that's what often matters most :) 

So let's get down to work, as promised.


  • approx. 0.5 yard x 1.5 yard of jersey in your favorite color (see below for TIPS regarding type and weight of jersey!)
  • sewing machine, scissors, some sewing thread
  • some elastic for the waistband
  • optional: a tiny square piece of fabrics to mark the back side of the pants


Click here for simple, step-by-step instruction for HOW TO SEW SIMPLE PAJAMA PANTS for toddlers, kids, even yourself.

how to make summer pajama pants for kids

You'll se I've already made a ton of toddler pajama pants from warm minky for the winter, and as they turned out to be so much more comfortable and flexible than the purchased ones, I'd be totally happy if you make use of the free tutorial - off course it's free - let's save some money and get something useful from that piece of jersey fabrics lying around for ages... (not that it happens to me, ...AHEM ;).

The free pajama pants tutorial is intended for hobby sewists just like me, so it's simple, clear and easy to follow. Happy sewing!

how to make summer pajama pants for kids

Admittedly, I initially wanted to sew something for myself (finally again!), but when I opened my sewing pattern folder (you can DIY it incredibly quickly and for free, too - have a look at this how-to!), there it was, at the very top of the folder - my toddler's pajama pattern I drafted some time ago. And pajamas they are :)

Luckily, there is some jersey left. So I'm thinking making something for me out of this gorgeously comfortable materials. (Any ideas on easy tops for moms?)

pajama pants tutorial free

BONUS TIP: hemming

Off course you'll want to hem the pants. I must admit I often skip the hemming step with minky, since the winter pajama pants only last until it's cold -  and next year, they will be too tight anyway, because the toddler will outgrow them even if leave additional leg length. BUT since the jersey will be useful for a much longer time than the warm winter minky (spring, summer, autumn!), I opted for a wide hem here - I simply cut the pants approximately 3 inches longer than I'd need to and made a wider hem.

This way, your kid's pajama pants will be used not only until the next winter, but also next spring - and I really love things that can be worn for a long time - especially with toddlers who usually outgrow every piece of clothes so quickly!

how to make summer pajama pants for kids

BONUS TIP No 2: how to choose fabrics type and weight of jersey

You might want to get your hands on a variety of jersey fabrics - I know for sure I'll make some of the pajama pants from the heavier and some of the midweight jersey. Without the need to go into jersey study here, let me tell you just the basic two things you need to know if you'll go buy some jersey:

1) As for materials, I usually use plain or printed COTTON JERSEY KNITS, as they are really pleasant to the skin.
 They are the most common type of knit, so it should be really easy for you to get one. If you are a hobby sewist, then it's safe to stick to cotton knits (you'll find some incredibly cute ones here) - I tend to avoid other, e.g.  spandex blends, similar to cotton jersey but lighter and a bit more stretchy. And, for example, you would never want to use lycra spandex for pants (it's for swimsuits!)  

2) What you need to pay attention to is the WEIGHT of jersey:
 for example, you really want to use midweight jersey for the summer  (numbers vary vastly but I'd say for this, the jerseys should be somewhere at 8 to 9  oz). It could also be thinner, i.e. lightweight (5 to 7 oz.) or even lighter, but at the beginning it's good to shy away from those because sewing those nearly see-through knits is not piece of cake. (And I'm talking about making it easy for beginner sewists, so - midweight it is!)

3) I wouldn't bore you with cotton interlock knit, if it weren't for the fact that it's easier to sew with (the edges don't curl up, the stretching is more even due to the special weave technique) - but if you are not comfortable with sewing with jersey, this is the type you might want to start with. But you should know it's heavier, more appropriate for spring/autumn and it will be too warm for the summer. Just so you know :)

You can check out adorable cotton knits I found here at peek-a-boo shop. (I love these cute elephants! And these vintage bicycles!)

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Happy sewing!


  1. Love this idea Damjana! So simple and cozy looking! Love the colors too! I hope that you are doing great! I am so happy to see you hanging at over at Making Memories Mondays! You are the best! :-)

  2. So cute! My daughter just started making pajama bottoms. I will be sure to show her this so she can try it out! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Pam. And - you must be proud of your daughter :) Have a great day, Damjana

  3. I love making those kind of Pajama pants!

  4. Perfectly matching stripes, Damjana and on stretch fabric, too!!!

    1. Hi Pam,
      I've just noticed that many people went to see my post, and immediately I knew it was you featuring my 'summer pajama pants' :) Thank you for that. Have a great day, Damjana