How to make bird shaped bread

Hoping to take away some of the winter chill, we tried making bird shaped bread. Do you already know birds made from bread dough? Not yet? Follow along!

At our place, it's a cute activity to chase away the winter, or better said, inviting the spring in our homes. Bird-shaped bread is often made on Easter, too:

Bird shaped bread sticks


INGREDIENTS and how-to:

If you plan to make them as I did, you'll need a simple regular bread dough recipe plus some milk. I've already posted about our home-made bread here, some time ago. Kids will be over the moon to help making them, it's a great activity to do together!

bread deough

As for the flour, I used a combination of white wheat flour and whole grain spelt flour. Add regular salt, yeast and water and some milk - nothing special, just the usual. You'll let the bread dough rest for a while.

bird shaped bread sticks

Then, to make a bread bird, pinch off a small handful of bread dough. Roll the piece into a, say 10 inch stick and tie it so you get a knot. Repeat as many times as needed and soon there will be a whole bird flock on the baking tray.

I made several cuts into each bird's 'tail', to make it look like a tail. And inserted 'eyes' - I used sunflower seeds, but you see, this was not very successful as they are hardly visible in the photos. You might want to use raisins, or pumpkin seeds.

kids in the kitchen

Tasty? Obviously they were. I didn't even manage to take a photo of the whole bird flock, they disappeared too quickly. I guess this was a sign we need to make them again. Soon.

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  1. Damjana, I love this idea! Iove the bird feathers! Such a creative, yummy idea and just in time for Spring! Thank you so much for hanging out with me at Making Memories Mondays! I am so glad that you came! :-)

  2. This is really cool, I've never seen anything like these before. They'd be awesome for Easter dinner. What a neat idea. I hope your having a great day!