Sorting by size - toys and boys

Sorting By Size. Easy and fun kids activity to teach them how to sort by size, using your kids favorite toys and household items. Playtime!
sorting activities for toddlers

What about some math for preschoolers? Sounds serious, right? But let's relax. We'll only pick favorite toys and go from there. Read on if you need an idea for toddler play - sometimes we run out of ideas for toddler play, right? Well, it's playtime again!

Sorting By Size - Kids Activities

Sorting is one aspect of early math that can be applied to nearly any materials (just have a look at Montessori sites), but to spice it up, you might even use the kid's toys. If you select objects that are similar in function or appearance (all balls, or all teddybears, or all minky toys, or all plastic boats, etc), they can be easily used in this early math activity.

Combining imaginative play with sorting activities, you can simply use...
your toddler's favorite toys. In our house, there is no doubt: trucks. So I took three of the same color from the arsenal of his trucks and gave it a try.

easy kids activities for sorting by size

Pointing with his finger at the smallest truck he said 'This is the smallest one.'
Pointing at the mid-size digger he says 'This one is medium.'
And then he ran away with the largest truck of the three. No time to talk anymore, it was playtime.

What are your toddler's favorite toys? Can they be sorted by size? If not, you can apply sorting by color. Or sorting by shape. There are practically no limits, try it out. Chances are, your toddler will be excited to play along if his or her favorite toys are in sight ;)

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  1. That's a great idea! I will be doing this activity with my 2 year old! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Apryl,
      thanks, and happy to hear that. Sometimes simple ideas are the best way to go, right?