Christmas cards for kids to make

Easy Christmas cards to make by kids... Just an idea how to combine the collage technique and coloring.

Christmas cards for kids to make

You'll need:

  • pieces of colored paper, cut into triangles
  • a rectangle paper 'base' for glueing the 'tree' on
  • a folded blank card
  • paper crafting glue
  • white tube watercolor

A good fine-motor-skills development activity for toddlers.

Please mind that depending on the age of the toddler, this might be a two-parter activity. In our case, it was. The glueing of triangles happened in one session, and later on, as a 'totally different activity', the white snowflakes were scattered onto the trees.

And you can imagine how happy the grandma and grandpa will be when they see it in their mailbox!

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Zelena hiška


  1. Love making our own cards, it's amazing how creative kids can be and what great memories are made! Loving this idea! Hope that you are doing great Damjana! :-)
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish