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I love felt. Especially felt play food! And I know it's been long overdue, but I finally managed to sew some of the cute felt food. Have a look at 7 of my favorite (free) felt play food tutorials for home-made felt fruit and vegetables. (And several tips on how to choose the right felt...)
felt play food

My 7 favorite FREE felt play food TUTORIALS for home-made felt fruit and vegetables. Banana, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, pear, cheese, eggs and more :)

While working on these cute pieces of felt play food, I kept thinking how much our (then) toddler would enjoy the play food. But... He saw it, played with it for a while and then abandoned it entirely. No sign of interest. At all. Fast forward a year later, the felt food set became one of his favorite activities. Add a little sister and a few years later, and a few of my sewing sessions, and there's a large bag of felt play food, still one of the favorite play sets in the playroom. All homemade toys!

Felt play food free patterns

{If you want to know where I stored it,  you can check out my huge DIY storage boxes here - this easy DIY has won me tons of space!}

felt play food

So, here's a list of my favorites when it comes to felt play food:

Felt Play Food Tutorials


felt carrots (get your FREE template HERE)
- felt bananas - crazy cute and fun to make!  
- easy felt broccoli and cauliflower
- felt strawberries 
- felt pear - easier than you'd think!
- sliced cheese - for novice sewers too!
- felt eggs 
As for felt tomatoes, I just sew a small ball, inserted stuffing, closed it and attached the same "green top" as in the strawberries tutorial. It worked just fine. And as far as felt bread is concerned (see the very right part of the photo), I wanted to make slices of a home made loaf, not the toast form, so - improvisation -and I'm adding this brand new felt sliced bread tutorial for you to the list!

I find working with felt easier than with fabric, as it does not require a lot of precision (at least with what I've made) and it's really fun!

felt play food


To make felt food, you'll mostly need soft felt, meaning it should be good for making tiny bits and pieces, adding details, it should fold nicely, perfect for making felt food. Please note there are many varieties of felt available (soft, stiffened, thin, thick, wool, acrylic,etc) that's why you need to check in advance which one you need for your project. Additional useful tips on FELT MATERIALS are available here.


Now, if you are just heading to your store to BUY some felt, I warmly recommend you first compare the prices in your local shops, they may vary a lot for quite the same felt quality. To get a picture, I'm attaching an affiliate link for your convenience here (no additional cost to you but I might receive a percentage of the sale if you choose to buy through this link): felt

what felt to use crafts

 Save for later:
Felt play food tutorial with free patterns. Wouldn't this felt play food make a wonderful DIY present for a child? My 7 favorite FREE felt play food TUTORIALS for home-made felt fruit and vegetables.  Banana, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, pear, cheese, eggs and more :)

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Or ...go straight to one of my currently most popular PDF patterns - the gift bag pattern. 6 formats and sizes for your entire play felt food collection!


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    1. Hvala. A prideš pogledat v živo? ;)

    2. Skrajni čas bi že bil, se slišimo, ko boste kaj v ljubljeni Ljubljani? Jaz bom itak celo poletje tukaj... :)

  2. These look so realistic - sometimes felt looks cheap but I love your versions!

  3. Stephanie, thank you for your flattering words :)

  4. I love them. Thanks for sharing. Pinning to make sometime.

  5. I love this! As an auntie I am all over any DIY toy ideas to dazzle my nieces and nephew. These are so fun!!

    1. I know, I'm an auntie too. It's always so much fun, making toys for nephews and nieces, isn't it? :D Have fun! Damjana

  6. This is too cute. I would love to make these for my little great niece for Christmas! Would love for you to come and share with us at the Home Matters Linky party :-) http://wp.me/p4fJXd-16C

    1. Shirley,
      thanks, both for the compliments and the invitation to join your party :) Have a great day! Damjana

  7. Thank you! Is all felt created equal? Where can the best buy be found?

    1. Hi, June, and thank you for the inquiry. No, not all felt is equally thick. I've used 3 versions so far, I used the thickest one (3 milimeters) for stems and sturdy parts of fruit and veggies, though I use primarily the regular (1,5 mm) thickness. Since I ran out of orange and red, I used another provider's felt which was thinner, maybe 1 mm thick - not too suitable for large pieces, but might be perfect for adding tiny details to creations... I'd go for the 1,5 mm version first, and then experiment on the go. I hope this answers your question. As for the shop, I've been buying only in our local shops so far, so I doubt it will come handy to you - it's in Slovenia ('Svet metraže' and 'Rayher')...Depending on where you're from, you might find the best buy online - but I'd first ask any local crafting friends where they buy it. Word of mouth is often the best way to find the best deal ;) Enjoy your crafting!

  8. I love these! What a great collection and variety of foods. I wouldn't have thought that the tutorials all come from different places because of the way you've made them in your own style. Great resources: pinning and sharing! :) Lisa