FREE PRINTABLES series - tools

Time for your FREE PRINTABLES again!

By now, I believe you've made yourself familiar withe the free printables series on my blog. If not, help yourself to get the first three in the series:

If your kid is like ours, he or she will prefer the real tools to the 'fake' (plastic or wooden) ones. Here are some pictures of real tools:

Print them out following these hints:

  • Open the PDF file
  • Print the page on cardstock.
  • Cut the cards along the lines. 
  • If you have no cardstock at hand, you can print the pdf on a regular piece of paper and then laminate it to make the cards sturdier. They will last longer.

The cards can be used as a memory game, for matching pairs, etc... It’s up to you! I sincerely hope you will find them useful. I used photos, not illustrations. The white background eliminates 'background noise' and makes it easier for the youngest to use.

Have fun :)


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