5 cutest SEASHELL crafts for kids

Summertime at the beach is an excellent excuse to bring home tons of seashells, especially if you and your kids love to collect them. You too? Then you'll love this! I've gathered some of the best ideas of how we can use shells to make the cutest, colorful, crafty creations out of them. Follow along - you and your kids might get some additional inspiration too :)

seashell crafts for kids

To be honest, last year our kid got a ton of beautiful seashells from his seaside friends, and we made such great memories together that it would be a pitty to throw them away. Any of them! So they were placed on a tray on the balcony, which was fine until... well, winter, when they started gathering puzzled views of 'What are seashells doing on the balcony table in the middle of December!' (And January, and all the time until now.)

The shells did survive the winter, but now I feel I really need to do something out of them. And it seems there are countless incredibly cute solutions out there. Let me show you some of them:

1) Useful: seashells as painter's palette

seashell crafts for kids

 We did this last year, when painting with kids at the seaside: it was my two nieces' smart idea to use seashells to mix colors, instead of the color mixing palette, and it was just perfect!

2) Make mermaid necklaces

seashell crafts for kids

Jennifer at Mama Papa Bubba and her daughter made these adorable mermaid necklaces. I can't wait to try making these myself!

3) Shell people

seashell crafts for kids

Jess from Lets Do Something Crafty made shell people. A great activity that kids and adults of any age will enjoy!

4) Make a glittery seashell frame

seashell crafts for kids

Katie from A List Maker's Life and her five-year old daughter made this lovely and glittery shell frame - perfect to keep your summer memories alive for a whole year and longer! 

5) Painting shells

seashell crafts for kids

MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama showed us how painting seashells using watercolors can turn into a simple art project that already a 2.5 year old can do on his own - and how cute the result was!

I'm soo excited to try out these colorful ideas, and hope that you do too. I wish you all a beautiful summer. Enjoy it with all your heart and senses :)

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  1. Damjana, I love them all :) Pinning this!

  2. The mermaid necklace is simply beautiful! I like it. I will make one for my niece's upcoming birthday. Also, the Seashell Photo Frame is really adorable. I will make one, too, for my mom.

    1. Happy to hear that. Yes, it's hard to decide what to start first :D