New to me, new to you :)


Today has been an extremely warm summer day in Ljubljana, one of those I have been waiting for the whole year. Sooo... time for a home-made ice cream, folks!

easy ice cream

This one is simple and healthy and tasty, all three at once. Don't believe it? I neither could until I tried it out.

blueberry banana ice cream

What you will need is a (frozen) banana, a drizzle of lemon juice, and a handful of berries.
I used blueberries, since the morning hike to a nearby hill left me with only a tiny handful of blueberries (having hoped for more, but we get what we get, right? ;)

As for the recipe, you might want to check the page where I found it in the first place (here), though there are probably tons of variations in the internet.

home mad healthy ice cream

You don't know me, but I hardly ever try a dessert without any added sugar or sweetener of some kind. Well, this is as new to me as this blog is to you. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Feel free to drop by again, you are more than welcome here.


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