The easiest masking tape road for kids {'ll ever make}

A masking tape road on the floor with a bunch of tiny cars is what might get you a few free minutes in the morning if your toddler is an early bird...  Want to check out the easiest and fastest way to make it?

The setup is so easy and quick!

This one is even easier than usually and that's why you might want to make your own. Just look at this photo here. No planning, no following 90 degree turns. Just lay down a few stripes of tape and make them touch. Done. 

Let the rest be handled by your kid's imagination. And the tiny cars. :D

I keep my masking tape handy for things that will engage our (now) preschooler for quite some time, especially if there is something I need to get done without kids 'helping'. It is one of the quickest game settings I can come up with. And it will make our kiddo busy for a long time. A win-win, isn't it?


I've seen many beautiful and elaborate masking tape roads that have a perfect shape, squares, rectangles and additions like crosswalks. While they are great, I did nothing like that. I've noticed kids like it just as well if the road is made ..ehm 'the lazy way'. You don't need to pay attention to length, 90 degree turns and stuff. Heck, you don't even need scissors to cut the individual road parts! (Well, I was making this tape road very early in the morning, so I simply didn't feel like searching for scissors.)

Just DO make sure the beginning and the end of the masking tape road meet somehow, enabling a (nearly) neverending journey of the tiny cars.

And there you have it, a road in the middle of the living room. Nice :)

It's one of the very best-working game settings in our home. Our 3-year old loves it and I do too. It's simple and can be made each time anew - or left for several weeks if there's no time to peel it off and make a new one. (May or may not have happened ...more than once ;) - just make sure to use a tape that peels off easily even after long periods of use.

Happy playing!


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  1. The best boredom buster! Keeping this one in mind for the upcoming winter!