Home-Made Bandana Bibs - And a Promise

Today, I'd like to show you several DIY bandana bibs. And show you how easy it is to make some all by yourself. If you are a beginner sewing enthusiast looking to make something adorable for your child, a cute and stylish bandana bib is the way to go. Not only easy to make but also cute - and a very useful piece too!

First off, this post includes affiliate links. (Thanks for your support.) Now, in case you are wondering, these bandana bibs in the photo are all home made (that is, made by my Elna and me).

I got tired of searching for new bibs all the time. So I sat down and sew some. No pattern, just an idea of how I want them to look like. Then, after several good and several bad attempts, it began dawning on me what exactly I need and which patterns work better and which one don't. Now it's time to invite you to sew some yourself.

I can give you 3 reasons why you will love making these bandana bibs:

  • Low-cost: you'll need a tiny bit of fabrics for making a bandana bib. You can go for zero cost, too: you can simply use an old T-shirt, or a napkin... Or an old towel. Nearly anything.
  • Quite simple to make: it's a simple beginner project, especially if you get a pattern - there are many available on the internet, though it's good to start with an easy one.
  • Every next bib looks nicer :) I need to admit that the first one I made was too small (even for a newborn!) and then several were too loose. And again - one appeared too thin, another not comfortable at all, but then... every single one got better. Now it's pure FUN, because the main part of making a bib is choosing the color of the fabrics (ok, now I'll just pretend you don't already know what's my favorite ;)

Still not sure yet if it's worth trying? I promise to make a pdf copy of my favorite pattern (of those I've doodled so far) and I'll give it to you. Soon. Deal? UPDATE: SEE BELOW, IT'S HERE FOR YOU!

Now all you need is choose two matching pieces of fabric for your bandana bib and you are set. If you are looking for some adorable new fabric, you can check out cute cotton prints and knits at peek-a-boo. (They've got gorgeous animal prints - like these cute kitties!) Now you can start making your kids' stylish DIY bib collection!

UPDATE: Here it is - a week after writing this post, I published this free bib pattern with a step-by-step TUTORIAL. A promise is a promise, right? Happy sewing ;)

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Or ...check out my (according to my readers) best value-for-money and most useful pattern:

...Or the latest one here (eek, just released!)
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Happy crafting!



  1. Oh these are seriously SO cute! Now where were you when my boys were baby grubs! ;) Very clever hun xx

    1. I'm flattered, Sonia! Thanks for visiting and - yep, I see you are definitely out of bib-sewing phase, as far as your three boys are concerned :D

  2. Very nice! These would make great gifts!

    1. Christie, thank you! Now I've added the free pattern and the sewing tutorial, as promised - you'll find it here, just in case you'd like to give it a try:
      Happy sewing :) Damjana

  3. Thank you for the lovely bib pattern and tutorial. just had a request from dtr-in-law to make one and found your wonderful pattern. sooo pleased with it.

    your wonderful :) x

    1. Julie,

      thank you so much for the lovely comment! Enjoy the creative process. I'd be so happy to see the bib when it's finished! Damjana