COUNTING with LEGO for toddlers

Are you looking for a great way to support the development of your kid's counting skills in a fun, unique way? Combine Lego Duplo with a giant dice and you've got a great combination of your kid's favorite toys with a learning activity.

Lego bricks are one of the most versatile materials to be used by toddlers for play and in various educational situations - here is an idea how to use them in counting, even before introducing any number signs!

Kids usually enjoy playing with their Legos (yours too?) and now you can add some additional learning opportunities to the mix. It's an 'early math activity', but we can certainly skip mentioning math, call it a toddler game and have some fun throwing a huge foam dice around the place.


  • get a large dice (have a look at the end of this post about counting with a huge dice if you don't have one)
  • throw it
  • count the number of dots on the upper surface
  • place one Lego Duplo brick on each of the dots

Making it easier: offer to the child 6 (and not more) same-size Legos of the same color. By keeping them the same size and color, you'll avoid any confusion.

 I added a huge foam dice to play the basis for the counting game. In fact, it became essential. Each time the kid got to throw it, another combination of dots would mean he got to count them. And place the exactly matching amount of Lego Duplo on the dots. 

No need to mention that the Lego-and-dice activity is a good eye-hand coordination activity too. Especially at the beginning of the playing, the exact placement of the Legos on the dots may be a challenge.

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LEGO Duplo kids


  1. Lego is such a fun educational toy for kids. I like watching the little ones learning how to build a ship, a house or anything with Lego. And this big dice is so cute, too!


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