Diy Gift Bag - In Minutes!

Make a diy gift bag using this easy tutorial and get ready for holiday gift-giving - in minutes! Also, check out the bonus tips below - and no two of your Christmas gift bags will be alike!
diy gift bag
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It feels so good to have holiday gifts ready early! (Check out my favorite things to sew for Christmas HERE) Not that I manage to do that very often, but this year it looks like I won't need to resort to last-minute sewing :)
diy gift bags
This year I've even made a few additional diy gift bags to have ready - you know, just in case. Since these are really, really quick to sew, I thought you might want to sew them yourself. Just in case you'd need a few last-minute gifts to wrap.

Let's get ready for holiday gift-giving!

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    diy gift bag

    Now, on to the diy gift bag: the finished size is 9" tall and 7" wide (that would be 23 x 21 cm). They are just perfect for little Christmas gifts, or you can use them instead of Christmas stockings.

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    Diy Gift Bag For Christmas


    • one piece of fabric 22" by 8" (see bonus tips below for a variation!)
    • twine, ribbon or cord (40 inches / 1 metre per bag)
    fabric for diy gift bag

    Instead of a single piece of fabric, you can also use scraps. Stitch pieces together until you get the desired size. Or use the bonus tips at the end. This diy gift  bag is a great scrap buster, and fat-quarter friendly.

    Sewing Steps:

    1. Grab the fabric piece and serge the two long edges, or simply use a zigzag stitch on your home sewing machine. That is, if you have enough time. The photo below shows both options:
      fabric for diy gift bag
    2. Then turn under the other, short two edges by anything from a quarter of an inch (7mm) up to 3/8" (1 cm). Press and stitch. Fold the fabric in half right-sides-together:Christmas gift bag
    3. Starting at the fold, stitch on both sides using a 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance - but don't go all the way up - stop sewing 2" (5 cm) before you reach the top: 
      Christmas gift bag sewing
    4. Press the seams open, making sure to turn under and press the top unsewn portion the same way as if the seam were there. 
      diy Christmas gift bag
    5. Stitch around the opening on each side at the top side - this is the place where the side seam is open:
      Christmas gift bag
    6. Fold the top edge down by 1" (2.5 cm) towards the wrong side of the fabric and topstitch around using a small seam allowance - 1/4" inch (7mm) or so:Christmas gift bag
    7. Thread the casing: You'll use two pieces of 20" (50 cm) ribbon length. Using a safety pin, bodkin or elastic threader, guide the first piece through the entire drawstring casing. Both ends of the cord will come out of the same opening. Repeat with the second piece of ribbon and start-end at the other opening in the casing.
      diy gift bag
    8. Knot the ends of the drawstring or tie them together. See bonus tip below for a different drawstring pull solution - super cute!diy gift bag
    9. Done. Make one more! If you have enough time or love experimenting, check out my bonus tips below!

    Bonus Tips For Diy Gift Bags

    1. Use two fabric pieces

    This will take a few extra minutes to cut twice plus an additional stitch, but it's so worth it! I've made two of my diy gift bags this way.
    diy gift bag

    Grab a 7" by 8" piece of printed cotton and a longer one in solid fabric approximately 16" by 8", stitch them together into a single 22" by 8" strip. Proceed with the project at Step 1 of the tutorial above.

    2. Make super cute drawstring pulls!

    Instead of just knotting the two ends on a drawstring together, you can make cute pulls for your Christmas gift bag. I only have a sneak peek here but I promise to post a simple how-to do these. So easy and practical for a bag you can reuse a number of times!
    diy gift bag

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    diy gift bag

    Hoping you've enjoyed my Christmas gift bag tutorial. If you want to, check out more stuff I've got to sew, on the Free tutorials page here.

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