Free Baby Sewing Patterns

Free baby sewing patterns that are super easy to sew! Learn how to sew perfect baby bibs (like this one), bandanas, burp cloths and baby toys with these free and easy baby sewing patterns and beginner friendly tutorials.
free baby sewing patterns
Are you looking for free sewing patterns for babies like a burp cloth, baby bibs, bandana bib, baby toys, nursery decor and similar? In years of sewing and pattern drafting, I've published tons of free baby sewing ideas and easy patterns on this blog. Today I've collected all the free baby patterns so you can have them all in one place!

The majority of these baby sewing patterns are free for my newsletter subscribers, meaning you'll get immediate access to them once you've signed up for the free weekly newsletter. (The newsletter goes out once a week and is always full of sewing ideas, crafting projects and inspiration!) And some of the baby patterns are freely accessible for everyone, even if you're not a newsletter subscriber. Browse and sew them all up!

free baby sewing patterns

Use these free baby sewing patterns to make the cutest baby shower presents - ones that every new mom would love to have! They are beginner-friendly, meaning they come with super easy sewing patterns and step-by-step tutorials. Sewing tips included!

Free Baby Sewing Patterns

Make sure to grab ALL of the free baby sewing patterns on this site. Let's start with my currently most popular free baby sewing pattern, a baby bib in three sizes:

Free Baby Bib Pattern in 3 Sizes

free baby sewing patterns
Tutorial and free pattern here.
Sew tons of cute baby bib patterns using this easy tutorial and free bib pattern!  You can get this pattern for free from my shop  - you get the free coupon when you subscribe to the newsletter.

I designed these baby bibs for my own babies - and I'm quite picky about the bibs available out there in shops :) So if you get this one, you know you're going to be making a great shaped bib. Grab the free template, stitch a few and get ready for compliments! 

Burp Cloth - Free Pattern

free baby sewing patterns
Burp cloth tutorial here.
No new mom has ever said anything like too many burp cloths! Burp cloths are easy and quick to sew, but above all, a very practical diy gift for babies, especially when you can use a free printable template from the burp cloth tutorial - use it and make a set of burp cloths!

A word of advice if you've never sewn burp cloths before: check out towels department in your shop and you might get better off getting those than purchasing terry fabric by the yard. (just sayin') - and there are a lot of other options you'll find in the tutorial, so make sure to check them out.

Earwarmer Headband - 3 Free Baby Sizes

free baby sewing patterns
Get Earwarmer Pattern With 3 Free Baby Sizes HERE.
These ear warmers are just perfect for babies in spring or fall. I wanted to add a pop of color to my babies' spring wardrobe and let them stay warm outdoors. Success! Find the tutorial here.

Useful tip: If you've never sewn with knits before, this is the perfect place to start. The baby headband sewing  tutorial includes detailed, beginner-friendly instructions with lots of step-by-step photos. Also, you get several bonus tips to make it even easier. No serger? No problem. Tips for sewing with regular sewing machine included! 

Free Bandana Bib Pattern

free baby sewing patterns
Free Bandana Bib Pattern and tutorial HERE.
Learn how to make a stylish bandana bib for a baby or toddler, using this free bandana bib pattern and tutorial. Just the coolest dribble bib! Get it here.

Super Easy Soft Baby Ball - Free Pattern

sewing patterns free for babies
Tutorial and FREE Pattern HERE.
If you want to hear happy giggles from a baby enjoying their first active play, make one of these adorable handmade fabric toys. In addition to the free PDF pattern, you'll also get an easy step-by-step sewing tutorial. It has lots of photos to make sewing really easy for you. An easy, beginner-friendly and free baby sewing pattern.

Free Template - Baby Scarf  That Will Stay On

sewing patterns free for babies
Free Baby Scarf Tutorial HERE

Baby Scarf That Will Stay Put This diy scarf WON'T fall off! See why not and grab the free template here.

Fabric Sailboat Baby Toy

Make a cute sailboat soft toy as a baby welcoming gift. I made these three in the image when our daughter was born. They were easy to sew and can be used either as a rattle or as a small pillow. Use bright colors and soft materials! Feel free to download the free sailboat template (HERE) I made for this very sailboat toy, and see where I found the inspiration for these toys.

For more kids toys patterns and tutorials, visit my blog post Cool Kids Toys To Sew - tons of ideas and free patterns there, too!

Fabric Tactile Toy For Babies

This soft and light DIY baby toy will help your baby build tactile awareness, and it's so easy to sew. Learn how to make it, it's an ideal sewing project for beginners!

You'll want to make tons of these baby items. I never get tired of them. My favorite thing? Digging through the pile of the cutest cotton baby prints and picking my favorites for the project. And you only need a little bit of fabric for each. Check out these tutorials and don't forget to grab all the free patterns!

Save these sewing ideas for later:
sewing patterns free for babies sewing patterns free for babies

I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful and fun projects to sew here and I'd love to know which one is your favorite!

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free pattern for a fabric hanging basket

Or check out this popular pattern: Ultimate Diaper Clutch - mix and match the fabric prints with the above-mentioned projects and you've got a perfect baby welcoming gift every new mom would love to get!

ultimate diaper clutch pattern
Get this pattern HERE.

Or ...go straight to my currently most popular PDF pattern in the design shop - the Enya wallet. Here:
buy Enya wallet pattern
Get Pattern HERE.

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