How To Hem - Double-Fold Hem

Learn how to sew a double-fold hem - smarter! This is probably the hem you'll be using the most. (You can use it when sewing an easy pillowcase like this one.) It provides a clean finish both on the front and the back, with a little bit of measuring and one single seam. I have used a shortcut to make it even easier!  Let's see how.
how to hem
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When sewing, you'll have to hem sooner or later. The double hem is used very often and can be utilized in nearly every project you are working on. It can be done the traditional way by first turning under a part of the seam allowance, and then the rest. I am not particularly fond of this way because there's double measuring involved. 

how to hem
But you can do it the easy way, too. Here's a lovely hack I use to make hemming easier than going the standard way. I used it in this easy pillowcase tutorial too.

How To Sew A Double-Fold Hem

1) First, select your project and press the fabric. Then turn the raw edge of the hem under by the finished hem amount. See the pattern instructions. Here in my case, the seam allowance is 1" (2.5cm):
how to hem
2) Press. Then open the pressed seam allowance and tuck the raw edge underneath into that fold. Just push with your finger. Like this:
how to sew a hem

It will end up in a double fold (1/2" plus 1/2").
how to sew a hem
Just easier to make than going the standard way!

5) Press and topstitch using a seam allowance just a bit smaller than the fold, to catch the fold underneath. In my case, I simply sewed 3/8" (1cm).  Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam to reinforce it.
double fold hem

It's a lovely hack that makes it easier than going the standard way. Happy sewing!

sewing tips - double fold hem

Save this sewing tip for later:
sewing tips - double fold hem


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  1. Very good tip for those of us who hate all the measuring and ironing. Thank you.

    1. Koffeesam,

      so happy to hear this how-to is helpful! xoxo,

  2. Thanks for the great tip! It's going to make hemming much more pleasant.