20+ Super Easy Sewing Projects

Easy sewing projects - In a sewing mood and looking for some inspiration? Here are more than 20 super easy sewing ideas for beginners that can help you with that!
easy sewing projects
If you are looking for a quick and easy sewing project you can do even if quite new to sewing, this is your go-to post! I've pulled together a cute selection of easy-to-sew, quick sewing projects for beginners. Quick diy accessories, home decor ideas, zipper pouches, gift bags, things to sew for your loved ones as gifts or something for you to keep.

Or are you looking for a few easy and quick projects to sell at a local craft fair? You've found your inspiration, all you have to do is keep reading!

Easy Sewing Projects

First, for those of you who like video, I've made a slide-show to get the feeling of all the variety of projects waiting for you here (and read on for a list with all links):

Let's start with one of my most popular free patterns, a clutch purse:

1) Lili Clutch Purse - FREE PATTERN

easy sewing projects
Get the LILI Clutch Pattern HERE.
This clutch purse is just perfect for keeping your basic essentials. It can also be used as a phone sleeve, to store keys, or a few makeup pieces. It makes a great first aid kit, a panty liner pouch, and a lot more. See here how to sew it.

2) Mini Pouch - FREE Pattern

easy sewing projects
Get FREE Pattern HERE.

Learn how to make these itty bitty fabric pouches  - it's probably the smallest pouch you'll ever make. It's perfect for holding a piece of jewelry, either for gift giving or for safekeeping in a travel bag.  You could also add a little loop to the side and attach it to a keyring, and use it to hold a little spare change. 

3) Super Easy Scrunchie Tutorial

easy sewing projects
Tutorial HERE.
Yep, the 80ies are back, and so are scrunchies! Get the tutorial here.

4) Easy Zippered Storage Pouch

quick and easy sewing projects
Easy Zipper Pouch Tutorial HERE.
I've made these zippie cases for my needles and sewing clips. - and a tutorial ❤️ for you. Such an easy and quick sewing project - and isn't it cute!

5) Pencil Holder And Trinket Tray - FREE PATTERN

sewing patterns
Free Pattern And Tutorial HERE.
This cute little storage tray can be used for just anything! The free pattern comes in 3 sizes.

6) Sweetest Storage Bins - 3 Sizes

sewing patterns
Get pattern HERE. 
The pattern comes in 3 sizes. Sew up a Round Fabric Basket for every room in the house!

7) Mini Sized Baskets

sewing patterns
Get pattern HERE in the shop.
These sweet little bins remind me of paint cans :)

8) Mia Snap Pouch Pattern - Great For Total Beginners!

sewing patterns for beginners
Get the Mia Pouch Pattern HERE.
Totally beginner friendly: this fun and practical pouch has a unique construction process, making it easy and quick to sew even for total beginners. Even better: it comes in 3 sizes. Check it out!

9) Sleep Mask - FREE PATTERN

sewing patterns for beginners
Get your free pattern HERE.
Sew your own diy sleep mask using the free sewing pattern and make it easier to relax!

10) Zippered Coin Purse

sewing patterns for beginners
Get Your Pattern HERE.
This mini triangular coin purse has smart tabs that will make your zipper look so cute! (Say goodbye to pinched zipper ends!) Get the pattern in the shop.

11) Super Easy Diy Pencil Case

back to school sewing project
Diy pencil case here at AppleGreen Cottage
What about a quick last-minute gift sewn in, say 15 minutes? Tutorial here, it's really easy.

12) Cosmetic Bag - Free Template

sewing patterns for beginners
Cosmetic bag tutorial HERE.
A beginner sewing project with a free template you can use to make a bag with 4 small interior slip pockets and a main compartment - an easy and simple design you can make fit any style. 

13) Gift Bag

sewing patterns for beginners
Gift Bag Pattern in 6 Designs
Sew a few gift bags - this pattern comes in not one, but 6 designs. Also, boxed corners are made the EASY way! (You'll learn how!)

14) Easy Diy Bow Tutorial

sewing patterns for beginners
easy sewing project
Easy bow tutorial here.
Sew diy bows for all your gifts! This diy decorative bow is made out of felt and only requires a little hand-stitching.

15) Fun Diy Lantern Garland

easy sewing project
Fun Lantern Garland - tutorial here.
These diy lanterns will look really cute when you hang them in the backyard for a birthday party. Or, if you prefer,  opt for a double-sided diy birthday party banner:

16) Birthday Party Banner - Free Template

easy sewing project
Fabric Banner tutorial and free template HERE.
Grab the free template and make your own fabric bunting to hang as decoration.

Are you planning to sew for kids? Tons of tutorials and patterns at AppleGreen Cottage:

17) Free Baby Bib Pattern in 3 Sizes - NEW

easy sewing project
Tutorial and free pattern here.
Sew tons of cute baby bib patterns using this easy tutorial and free bib pattern!

18) Burp Cloth - Free Pattern

easy sewing patterns
Burp cloth tutorial here.
With a new baby in the family, you can never have too many burp cloths! These are an easy and quick beginner sewing project, especially with a free printable template like this one - use it and make a set of burp cloths as a perfect baby welcoming gift!

Never sewn with knits before? The next two easy sewing patterns in this list are a great place to start! Nothing difficult, just follow my tips. The earwarmer and the earflap beanie patterns include detailed, beginner-friendly instructions with lots of step-by-step photos. Also, you get several bonus tips to make it even easier. No serger? No problem. Tips for sewing with regular sewing machine included! Actually, I've made both in the photos below on a regular sewing machine:

19) Earwarmer Headband - 8-Sized PDF Pattern

easy sewing patterns
Get the 8-sized PDF pattern in the shop.
These ear warmers are just perfect for my kids for spring and fall. I wanted to add a pop of color to their spring wardrobe and let them stay warm outdoors. Success! Pattern available in my shop (more photos, too!).

20) My Best Earflap Beanie Pattern

easy sewing patterns
Get the pattern in the shop.
Use this pattern to make cute and easy-to-sew beanies with flaps that will fully cover the ears. They are practical and so comfortable - no more struggles to have the kids wear their hats!

21) Tons of DIY Kids Toys - Free Patterns

easy sewing patterns for beginners

Need FREE Kids Toy Patterns? Try these: Soft Baby BallA Star Softie, or this 'Fish Set', aka Bean Bag Toss Game, or the fun Fabric Marble Maze Game (my most popular free toy pattern these months!)

For more kids toys patterns and tutorials, visit my blog post Cool Kids Toys To Sew - tons of ideas there, too!

22) Seam Roll - Free Template

easy sewing patterns for beginners
The free seam roll pattern HERE.
A free pattern every sewist needs. Get yours here!

23) Free Pattern For Hanging Basket

easy sewing patterns for beginners
Get free pattern here.
This little fabric hanging basket is a real treasure when it comes to storing small items. It has a hanging strap that can open, so you can hang it anywhere and remove easily. Get this pattern for free from my shop when you subscribe to the newsletter.

I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful and fun projects to sew here and I'd love to know which one if your favorite!

Save these sewing ideas for later:
easy sewing ideas

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free pattern for a fabric hanging basket

Or check out one of my latest patterns in the shop: the Mia Pouch in 3 Sizes - a really cute beginner sewing project!
easy pouch pattern
Get your pattern HERE.

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